Teachers unions

Ontario Teachers' union says parents don't want to send their kids to school, but surveys say otherwise

The Toronto District School Board had projected that 80 percent of parents would send their students to class.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Premier Doug Ford calls out Ontario teachers for not stepping up

Ford said his patience for Ontario’s education unions is "running low" as teachers bring forward concerns about the province’s school reopening plan

Sam Edwards

Ford blasts Ontario teachers' unions, delivers plan to reopen schools

The Ontario Premier went on the offensive saying he doesn't understand why they won't cooperate with his government.

Joe Vaughan

Private schools threatened with closures so public schools wouldn't look bad for keeping doors shut

Teachers' unions are using COVID-19 as a weapon with which to bully private schools into remaining closed in order to sever any chance at competition.

Nicole Russell

Teachers' unions say they're concerned for safety, but hold school reopening hostage to partisan demands

As we continue to grapple with the ramifications of COVID-19, teachers unions are ramping up their strategy to avoid physically reopening schools in order to enforce their partisan demands.

Nicole Russell