BREAKING: FCC moves forward with ban on Huawei and ZTE technology in US

The move will ensure that US companies no longer have the ability to purchase equipment from the Chinese-government owned Huawei.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Air travel tech to win back fliers to the friendly skies

The airline industry appears to still be shutdown with no idea as to when it’ll open up. They are looking into technology that can help bring customers back.

Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Shopify moves to permanent work from home model

Canadian tech giant Shopify has changed its work model to a "digital by default" model. The change was inspired by coronavirus lockdowns.

Libby Emmons

Hackers double ransom to $42 million, threaten to reveal 'dirty laundry' on Donald Trump

A hacking group called REvil has doubled its ransom demand to $42 million. They claim to have confidential information regarding President Trump.

Barrett Wilson

Jack Dorsey says some Twitter employees can work from home forever

It has become apparent that some Twitter employees will never have to return to their office.

Collin Jones

Twitter bans Joe Biden's critics—including journalists

Twitter is enforcing a one-sided policy that favours presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Ian Miles Cheong

Twitter users suspended for sharing Biden meme

Twitter users are being suspended for sharing a Joe Biden meme. The image captions Joe Biden with the words "His brain? No. His heart."

Libby Emmons

Grammarly does the WHO’s bidding by censoring phrases like 'China Virus'

Grammarly insists: “Change the term. Phrases like China Virus can encourage bias and misinformation. Try using the official name used by the World Health Organization instead.”

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Anti-Joe Biden memes go viral after Twitter suspends popular conservative account

Twitter suspended popular conservative Twitter personality @ALX after he posted a meme mocking Joe Biden. It was an action that prompted his followers to make similar memes in protest.

Ian Miles Cheong

Facebook will redirect you to the disgraced WHO if you encounter coronavirus ‘fake news’

Facebook intends to take the unprecedented step of directing any users who’ve been exposed to misinformation about the coronavirus to a page set up by the World Health Organization

Ian Miles Cheong

Radical trans rights activists threaten journalist for writing Animal Crossing article

Trans rights activists took aim at a small gaming publication last week after one of their writers published an article on the popular game Animal Crossing.

Anna Slatz

Authoritarians are getting everything they want because of the coronavirus crisis

As we coordinate all of our efforts to fight this scourge, authoritarians rejoice at the measures being enacted to control populations and manage citizens.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

BlackBerry exposes Chinese-based hacker tools that exploited tech vulnerabilities

A new report reveals that there are five separate groups of hackers each of which has close ties to the Chinese government that have been stealing from nations around the world.

Collin Jones

Videoconferencing app Zoom routed user data through China by 'mistake'

The popular videoconferencing app Zoom admitted that it accidentally routed user data through China recently.

Barrett Wilson

Gamers can help defeat the coronavirus

Gamers may have a special role to play in the fight against the coronavirus. They can lend the excess cycles of their CPU and graphics processors to fight against the pandemic.

Ian Miles Cheong