Netflix CEO defends 'Cuties' in wake of indictment

Ted Sarandos, the CEO of Netflix, defended the film “Cuties” again, in response to a recent indictment by a Texas grand jury.

James Anthony

WATCH: Dan Crenshaw releases epic 'action movie' campaign ad

Dan Crenshaw, a Texas Congressman, just released an action-themed video where he rounds up his Republican, Texan colleagues and goes on a mission to "save Texas."

James Anthony

Independent journalist assaulted and robbed by BLM mob in Austin

Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators mobbed and robbed independent journalist Savanah Hernandez after demonstrators started chanting her name.

Collin Jones

Trump parades defy polling as 'silent majority' vocalizes support

Despite what national polling tells about the 2020 presidential race, Trump supporters across major US cities are pouring to the streets to express their devotion to the Republican president.

Mia Cathell

'Enter at your own risk:' warning from law enforcement to anyone entering Austin

Austin has defunded its police department, and the Texas Municipal Police Association wants to make sure everyone entering that city knows about it.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: BLM mob violently attacks Trump supporters in Dallas

A “Walk Away Rescue America” rally was violently disrupted on Saturday after leftist counter-protestors attacked event security and attendees, prompting Dallas to police to detain a security guard who grappled with a Black Lives Matter activist.

Ian Miles Cheong

School assignment compares police to KKK and slave owners—the community fights back

A school district in a Dallas suburb came under fire for distributing a lesson to eighth graders that equated slave owners and the KKK to 21st century American police officers.

Libby Emmons

Houston police chief recruits cops from 'defund' cities

While cities across America work to defund their police departments, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is encouraging officers to come to Texas.

Ari Hoffman

Texas police clear leftist activists who flood Austin streets

Anti-police activists continued their crusade against police on Saturday in a march that began at the University of Texas in Austin and moved downtown. Police met the Black Lives Matter-supporting march, and drove them off the streets.

Libby Emmons

Austin shooter comes forward, claiming self-defence

Daniel Perry has come forward claiming to be the person who shot Garrett Foster, the armed activist who was protesting in Austin.

James Anthony

Media marvels at Texas coronavirus surge—conveniently forgets protests, George Floyd funeral

Hardly any news outlet has reported with temerity one of the most obvious links to the spike because it simply wouldn’t be politically correct to do so.

Nicole Russell

Ted Cruz shreds Mark Cuban by pointing out he has no balls on the issue Communist China

Republican senator and Dallas Mavericks continued their Twitter throwdown over China, player protests, and who has the balls to call out human rights abuses.

Mia Cathell

New York Times exposes own bias by reporting urban legend as reality

The Times published a story about a 30-year-old man who died of the coronavirus after attending a Covid party in Texas—only the whole thing may have been an urban myth.

Collin Jones

USPS worker caught disposing GOP campaign ads, says Texas sheriff

Sheriff Troy Nehls of Ft. Bend County claims that a US Postal Service worker was caught throwing away his campaign mailers in the trash.

Ian Miles Cheong

FBI arrests three Antifa members for looting Target store in Austin

The FBI has arrested three individuals belonging to the anti-government, domestic terrorist organization Antifa, in Austin, TX.

Ian Miles Cheong