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POLAR VORTEX: Southern Ontario to face cold temperatures, possible snow

As the province begins to open up and spring approaches, southern Ontario is bracing for a polar vortex of all things.

Barrett Wilson

BLIZZARD warning for southern Ontario with possible ‘sudden reduced visibility’ in GTA

A blizzard warning is in effect for certain areas off Lake Huron this evening and will possibly spread throughout Ontario to the GTA.

Sam Edwards

State of emergency declared for St John’s Newfoundland due to extreme weather

A state of emergency was declared for St. John’s today due to a giant storm system that is moving through eastern Newfoundland.

Sam Edwards

WHITE CHRISTMAS: GTA will have snow for the holidays

It’s looking like it may be a white Christmas for Toronto this year

Sam Edwards

DEEP FREEZE: Southern Ontario to experience arctic conditions

Look out, Southern Ontario. It’s about to get frigid! The coldest weather temperatures of the year are about hit the region.

Quinn Patrick

HERE COMES THE SNOW: Ontario braces for white weekend

There is a risk of heavy snow and snow squalls for a large part of Ontario on Friday,

Ali Taghva

Weather Network predicts this Fall will be a frozen nightmare in Western Canada

With the very moderate Summer ending, the Weather Network is predicting a brutal start to the next season, with blistering heat in the East and blistering cold in the West.

Dylan Gibbons

Canadians tear apart The Weather Network after it suggests they should stop eating beef

The video report released by the forecaster claims that Canadians should eat a burger and a half less each week to help feed the world’s growing population.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa