Tim Hortons

WATCH: Freakout at Tim Horton's after refusal to wear mask

A Toronto woman is seen yelling, cursing and throwing insults at a Tim Horton's staff.

Joe Vaughan

WATCH: Montreal police tackle and arrest man in Tim Hortons for not wearing a mask

On Saturday afternoon, a man who refused to wear a mask was tackled to the ground and arrested by police in a Montreal Tim Hortons.

Barrett Wilson

Tim Hortons receives investment from China's largest social media company, will use their software

The investment from Chinese internet giant Tencent is geared toward helping Tim Hortons upgrade its digital infrastructure.

Barrett Wilson

Tim Hortons will require temperature checks and face masks for staff

Tim Hortons will now require its employees to take a temperature check before starting their shifts as part of their extended COVID-19 safety precautions.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons to provide free coffee to healthcare workers

Tim Horton's has stepped up their game in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and will now offer healthcare professionals free coffee.

Nico Johnson

Tim Hortons now allowing workers to stay home without doctor's note

Tim Hortons will now allow employees to stay home if the feel sick without providing a doctor's note. The decision comes after a social media backlash.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons cancels Roll Up The Rim contest due to coronavirus

Canada’s most popular doughnut and coffee chain Tim Hortons will be cancelling its famous and beloved Roll Up The Rim To Win contest

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Tim Hortons suspends use of reusable cups due to coronavirus concerns

In the statement, the company announced that it would use the “temporary approach” after receiving feedback from customers.

Sam Edwards

Tim Hortons guts its Roll Up the Rim contest

Roll Up the Rim to win, the iconic Tim Hortons tradition and the promotion that set them apart, is about to change, for the worse.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons’ sales see major drop

Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the Brazilian parent company of Tim Horton’s released a report on Monday stating that Tim Horton’s sales had dropped.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons cancels Beyond Meat products from menu

Beyond Meat products, including its burger and breakfast sandwich, will no longer be sold at Tim Horton’s in Canada.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Horton’s best card was their branding, but the jig is up

Tim Hortons can stop trying to pull on Canadian’s patriotic heartstrings for customer loyalty. Canadians aren’t buying it anymore.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons gets roasted for offering free coffee to Prince Harry and Meghan

Tim Hortons boldly went where no company has gone before—offering free coffee for life to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons employees strike over 30 cent raise dispute

Tim Hortons employees in Winnipeg went on strike on Friday because they wanted a raise of 30 cents an hour, but their employer was only willing to give 20.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Horton’s smoked sausage sandwich ridiculed online

Tim Hortons is introducing a new smoked sausage sandwich to their menu and Canadians are horrified.

Nico Johnson