Man charged for multiple anti-Semitic incidents in Vaughan, Ontario

Edwards was caught on video yelling antisemitic language at a Jewish man in a vehicle.

Noah David Alter

Hamilton man charged after allegedly threatening to commit school shooting

The threats were made on October 16th when Campbell, then unidentified, threatened to commit a school shooting against an unnamed Toronto school in an online chatroom.

Noah David Alter

Toronto mayor offers winter outdoor dining as 'help' for restaurants

Toronto Mayor Jon Tory said on Wednesday day that the city wants to make it easier on its troubled restaurant industry by allowing for "more flexibility" for outdoor dining during the coming winter months.

James Anthony

Toronto will not fine trick or treaters, determine it 'isn't a crime'

The city of Toronto has said that it will not fine trick or treaters on Halloween, stating that “Trick-or-treating isn’t a crime”

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

CERB cheques were used by street gangs to buy illegal handguns from the US

"Dozens" of gang members used their cheques to buy illegal weapons from the United States, a source said.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Images of man wanted in Toronto subway sexual assault case released by police

According to police, the suspect was wearing black shoes or boots, light blue jeans, and a dark button-down shirt.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

BREAKING: Crowd of 4000 gathers in Toronto to protest lockdowns

For the fourth week, the “March for Freedom” took to the streets of downtown Toronto to call for an end to COVID-19 restrictions across the country.

Beth Baisch

BREAKING: Toronto Centre Liberal candidate once promoted 9/11 truther movie

In her Tweet, she references watching a documentary called "Loose Change 9-11: An American Coup," which is a conspiracy theory film promoting the idea that 9/11 was an inside job.

The Post Millennial

Mayor John Tory makes awkward appearance in TikTok video

Toronto Mayor John Tory shared a video of himself on the controversial app TikTok trying to explain to "young people" the current public health guidelines.

Noah David Alter

Toronto COVID-19 enforcement team cracks down during Thanksgiving weekend

Toronto's COVID-19 enforcement team conducted compliance checks on establishments in Toronto throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.

Jonathan Bradley

Police: Missing Toronto man may be 'dangerous' to himself and others

Police believe that he may be potentially dangerous to the public, and advise those who see him to not approach him but to immediately contact 911.

Noah David Alter

One arrested in Ontario Roman candle assault, suspect could face life imprisonment

The other suspect, who was holding and aiming the fireworks, has not yet been identified.

Noah David Alter

Anti-mask activist arrested at Moncton airport over a 'disturbance'

The RCMP have released a statement saying that a 37-year-old Toronto area man possibly known for his anti-mask activism was arrested on Saturday for causing a disturbance.

James Anthony

Mother Mary statue vandalized in Toronto, police release image of suspect

Investigators have released an image of a man suspected of vandalizing a Mother Mary statue at a Toronto church in September.

Celine Ryan

Five arrested, may face life in prison after Ontario fentanyl ring bust

If convicted, the individuals could potentially face a life sentence for fentanyl trafficking, which carries a minimum sentence of one year in prison.

Noah David Alter