Toronto Star

MacKay backed by the Toronto Star in the most damaging endorsement of all time

All of this may cause one to wonder whether there has ever been such a damming endorsement for a prospective Conservative leader?

Nico Johnson

Toronto Star fires 85 workers, while execs still rake in $760,000

TorStar expects to be granted a 75% wage subsidy from the government after laying off 85 staff.

Nico Johnson

The Toronto Star publishes guide to snitching in the coronavirus era

While ordinary citizens are struggling to get by in the era of coronavirus, the Toronto Star has published a handy guide on how to properly snitch on your neighbour.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Crown recommends jail time for expelled students involved in St. Mike’s sexual assault scandal

A crown attorney has said that the three sixteen-year-olds who sexually assaulted a student at St. Michael’s College should be jailed for causing unforgettable trauma.

Nico Johnson

Toronto Star parent company’s stock plummeting

TorStar, the company that owns the newspaper the Toronto Star, has seen its stock plummet to historic lows this week.

Nico Johnson

Toronto Star accidentally posts that Bianca Andreescu lost to Serena Williams

Their first article, that reportedly got sent out en masse via email to their readers, was titled “Bianca Andreescu loses U.S. Open final as Serena Williams is crowned women’s champion.”

Dylan Gibbons

Toronto Star misleads public on Liberals’ immigration record

Overall it seems like the editors at the Toronto Star would like immigration stories to only give off the impression of success on the part of the Liberal government.

Wyatt Claypool