Chinese Ambassador says bringing manufacturing back to Canada is hopeless attempt to stop globalization

Canada has run a trade deficit with China every year since 1992, including nearly-$52 billion last year.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trump administration to bar US-contracted companies from using Huawei products

The Trump administration is working this week to finalize regulations to bar the US government from buying goods and services from Huawei and other Chinese companies.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau may not attend CUSMA trade summit in DC, citing tariffs and COVID-19

Prime Minister Trudeau said that he's unsure about whether or not he will attend a summit to celebrate the new North American trade treaty in Washington.

Quinn Patrick

Countries are walking away from trade with China after coronavirus outbreak

For countries evaluating a future beyond COVID-19, China’s commercial instability during the global crisis has become a point of contention among industry and trading partners.

Leonardo Briceno

What the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement means for North American trade

The USMCA brings much needed updates to the three-decades' old NAFTA, in manufacturing, intellectual property, labour laws, and environmental provisions.

Leonardo Briceno