Twitter slams ACLU lawyer for soliciting DMs from minors

An ACLU lawyer is under fire for appearing to soliciting underage transgender people to message him privately.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

The mobbing of Debbie Hayton

A transwoman receives threats and online harassment after speaking out against a prominent trans-rights activist.

Anna Slatz and Debbie Hayton Anna Slatz and Debbie Hayton

Rape shelter loses funding after trans rights activists complain

A Vancouver-area rape crisis shelter has lost its public funding after trans rights activists complained to the city about its women’s only policy.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

The Trudeau government won’t release information gender research—why?

The Trudeau government promised a Gender-Based Analysis of Bill C16. It was never released. Now there’s a petition for the release of this information.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Female prisoner claims she was raped by transgender inmate, sues prison

A female inmate in Illinois is suing a prison after alleging they attempted to cover up her sexual assault by a transgender inmate that was housed with her.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

Lesbians removed from Australian Pride for “transphobia”

A lesbian event has been removed from Sydney, Australia’s LGBT Pride after a vocal minority protested the participation of a popular lesbian YouTuber.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

A Canadian coach speaks out against biological males in women’s sports

The Canadian sports bureaucracy has recently decided that it is acceptable to allow a biological male to compete against female athletes.

Linda Blade Linda Blade

Graham Linehan smeared by radical trans activists for helping therapists

Graham Linehan took to Twitter to assist gender-critical therapists and was instantly smeared by radical trans activists and Pink News.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

WATCH: Arrests made as antifa, trans protestors disrupt free speech event in Seattle

The Seattle Public Library event represents a disturbing trend in peaceful talks being shouted down by social justice mobs.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

Elizabeth Warren wants transgender child to pick education secretary

Elizabeth Warren assured voters that her selection for education secretary would be subject to the approval of a “young trans person.”

Brad Polumbo Brad Polumbo

Jessica Yaniv sues more immigrant salon workers—tribunal says ‘enough’

Jessica Yaniv is pursuing yet another immigrant-woman owned salon, However, Yaniv is being penalized for refusing to pay outstanding fines.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

Convicted sex predator of young children to be released for being trans

Joseph Matthew Smith, now going by Josie Smith, is a convicted pedophile who has molested children as young as one. Now they’re set to be released due to them becoming trans.

Blaire White Blaire White

‘Provocative’ gender dysphoria expert gives vital speech at McGill

Inviting Dr. Zucker to speak in an open forum was an act of courage, as he is Canada’s most controversial researcher/clinician in this domain

Barbara Kay Barbara Kay

Counselling your child against serious health risks of changing gender not ‘family violence’: BC court ruling

A BC court ruling is a travesty, but the silver lining is that parents can talk to their children about the serious health risks involved in gender re-assignment.

John Carpay John Carpay

Biological male who broke a woman’s skull named “bravest athlete in history”

MMA fighter Fallon Fox, who twice broke an opponent’s skull to win a match, has been called the bravest athlete in history.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons