Trans rights

Counselling your child against serious health risks of changing gender not ‘family violence’: BC court ruling

A BC court ruling is a travesty, but the silver lining is that parents can talk to their children about the serious health risks involved in gender re-assignment.

John Carpay

Convicted murderer arguing to be moved to women’s prison

A convicted murderer is trying to get transferred to a women’s prison after transitioning to a woman, but Correctional Service Canada is fighting against the move.

Graeme Gordon

Court rules seven-year-old boy can transition to female against father’s wishes

A court ruled against a father who was attempting to prevent his seven-year-old son from being administered puberty blockers by the boy’s mother and doctor.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Trans activists and progressive politicians block funding for Vancouver rape shelter

2019 will be the final year Vancouver Rape Relief qualifies for its city funding until it agrees to change its female-only policy.

Anna Slatz

Miss Marijuana Pageant founder won’t allow trans contestants, but there’s more to the story

Many of the articles I had seen online were quick to lampoon Mr. Baer for his comments that the majority of transgender people “have not had the operation” and that “most of the men still look like men.”

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Canadian sports “experts” embrace misogynist practices to please trans activists­

Female athletes need to know that their coaches, managers and associations will stand up to politically correct tyranny.

Barbara Kay

A Unisex change room is not the change lawyers need

I don't want to be changing with the opposite sex in the same room, and I know there are women who feel the same way I do

Sam Goldstein

Trans activists hate these two powerful women

A tale of two young women—one Canadian, one American. Both are as smart as the proverbial whips and, more important, heroically resistant to extraordinary pressure by trans activists to disappear them from public life.

Barbara Kay