Air travellers must now provide medical proof when refusing to wear masks

Canadians boarding flights without wearing a mask now have to provide medical proof showing that they are unable to wear one.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government cracks down on Americans using 'Alaska loophole' to visit Canada

Canada is working to crack down on what is being referred to as the “Alaska loophole” by implementing new restrictions against Americans.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government extends Quarantine order to Aug. 31 for travellers entering Canada

The mandatory quarantine order has been extended by the federal government until August 31, for the majority of people entering Canada.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government extends foreign travel ban to July 31

The current travel ban on most foreign travellers has been extended by the Trudeau government until July 31.

Sam Edwards

China announces plans to restrict Americans' travel over Hong Kong dispute

China said it would be imposing visa restrictions on US residents as an act of retaliation against the country’s moves to discipline Hong Kong officials.

Sam Edwards

Interactive map launched to help Canadians navigate travel amid pandemic

Canadians who are planning on travelling around the country this summer will have a new interactive map to help them get around amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quinn Patrick

Americans heading to Alaska and diverting in Banff told 'Now is not the time to visit'

Canadian border agents have been told to make sure they only allow essential travel following reports of Americans detouring to Banff en route to Alaska.

Sam Edwards

Canada-US border closure extended another month

All non-essential travel will remain forbidden from crossing over the Canada-US border until the end of July.

Quinn Patrick

Air travel tech to win back fliers to the friendly skies

The airline industry appears to still be shutdown with no idea as to when it’ll open up. They are looking into technology that can help bring customers back.

Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

The world as seen through windows

Many experts believe that it might take a few years before people feel comfortable traveling again. For now, all travel bugs can do is dream and travel later.

Loraine Balita-Centeno

Air Canada to resume certain international flights next month

There will be 97 international and domestic locations offered by the company—down 220 from last year.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government makes masks mandatory for plane travel

The Trudeau government is now enforcing their first mask decree, forcing all airline passengers to wear a mask on flights due to the risk of infection.

Nico Johnson

WestJet warns passengers of possible coronavirus exposure

On Tuesday, WestJet Airlines announced that some passengers on recent flights were possibly exposed to the coronavirus.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Israel tightens quarantines due to coronavirus

Israel issued a 14 day quarantine for all of those who arrive to the country and closed some border crossings. Canada has issued travel advisories.

Libby Emmons