WATCH: Trudeau hosts UN video conference for global coronavirus recovery plan

The United Nations is holding a conference on Thursday that will be hoping to develop an economic recovery plan for a post-pandemic world.

Quinn Patrick

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau government gives $500 MILLION in coronavirus aid to groups that promote antifa and sex work

The Trudeau government is giving hundreds of millions in coronavirus aid to arts organizations that promote antifa, sex work, and radical social justice.

Collin Jones

Justin Trudeau at feminist conference while markets crash, coronavirus spreads

Oil companies are facing insolvency and Canada is facing a dramatic run on the loonie. Despite this, Trudeau is spending his time at a feminist conference.

Nico Johnson

Justin Trudeau remains ambiguous about the decriminalization of hard drugs

Trudeau has said that he will look at the proposals in a PMB that seeks to decriminalize hard drugs, although he does not believe it’s the solution now.

Nico Johnson

Canada is broken because Justin Trudeau broke it

Sixty-nine percent believe Canada is broken. Justin Trudeau has a 64 percent disapproval rating. There’s a reason for these numbers: Trudeau broke Canada.

Barrett Wilson

WATCH: Trudeau announces new cabinet committee to fight coronavirus

The Trudeau government has released its plan for dealing with coronavirus by announcing the creation of a new cabinet committee on COVID-19.

Quinn Patrick

Liberal MP introduces bill to decriminalize heroin, crack cocaine and meth

A Liberal Member of Parliment has introduced a private members bill that would decriminalize the possession of heroin, crack cocaine, and meth.

Nico Johnson

Censorship coming under proposed Canadian Communications Commission

Empowering bureaucrats to censor what they feel to be “hateful” will stifle the liberty that permits a free society to flourish.

Lisa Bildy and John Carpay

Trudeau appoints former PM Joe Clark as lead on UN Security Council bid

It was announced that The Right Honourable Joe Clark, P.C., C.C., will travel to Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, and Egypt over…

Libby Emmons

New poll shows nearly 70 percent of Canadians believe Canada is broken

While not every Canadian has an answer on how to fix the railway blockade situation, most can agree that the government is failing to address the crisis.

Quinn Patrick

Trudeau blasted for empty office buildings in downtown Calgary and mine cancellation

Conservative leadership candidates attacked Trudeau, including Erin O’Toole saying that an empty building in Calgary should be renamed the “Trudeau Tower.”

Nico Johnson

Eco-radicals celebrate the cancellation of Alberta Teck mine

Canadians are tweeting about Teck Frontier oil’s withdrawal of their application for their Alberta sand mines project—a cancellation that has Canadians polarized.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau admits Scheer was right by calling for blockades to end

Let’s hope that for the good of our economy and our communities that Trudeau doesn’t fail once again in getting the police to clear the blockades.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau calls for end of blockades

Trudeau officially called for the blockades to come down. “All Canadians are paying the price… Essential goods cannot get to where they need to go. The situation where it currently stands is unacceptable and untenable,” said Trudeau.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Open letter by 41 Nobel Prize winners demands Trudeau stop Teck Mine

A list of 41 Nobel Prize winners have signed a petition urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop the Teck Frontier mine in Alberta.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz