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Trudeau government will not say how much they paid CEO

Trudeau's Infrastructure Minister will not tell the Canadian public how many taxpayer dollars were given to a former CEO.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

Trudeau government tells staff not to mention China when talking about coronavirus

The Trudeau government has suggested that all Canadians should avoid bringing up China when they discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

Canada Child Benefit extended to parents who didn't previously qualify

The Liberal government is adding an additional $300 dollars to the Canada Child Benefit as a way to help offset extra costs brought on by the pandemic.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Post-Millennial Canadians face longterm financial effects from coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus has undoubtedly taken its toll on the Canadian economy, however it appears to be the country's youngest workers who have been hit the hardest.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Trudeau government to target legal firearms

Firearms and weapons that have been involved in mass shootings are set to be banned by Ottawa.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

The Trudeau government's 5 worst coronavirus blunders

The Trudeau administration has had some serious blunders in attempting to handle the coronavirus pandemic. We take a look at the top 5 so far.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Why the sudden push to regulate ‘trusted sources’ of news in Canada?

The Trudeau government is trying to regulate the internet yet again, and every Canadian that stand for free speech should be outraged.

Mark Jeftovic Mark Jeftovic

Canadians to stop paying for Harry and Meghan’s security costs

Canada has been providing security to Prince Harry and Meghan via the RCMP but in March they will no longer have to cover the costs.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Trudeau government offers to meet anti-pipeline protestors if they end rail blockade

The Trudeau government is attempting to end anti-pipeline protests that have led to rail service being delayed or cancelled across the country.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

Trudeau government looking to force news outlets to get government licences

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said the Trudeau government is considering making news outlets in Canada require a government licence to operate.

Graeme Gordon Graeme Gordon