'Struggling bar owner' in Biden ad is actually a big tech investor who inherited millions

The Blind Pig Bar, owned by Joe Malcoun, said that his bar was seeing no clients due to Trump's handling of the pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CBC 'comedy' account tweets 'racist' joke about Trump supporters

It remains to be seen whether the "comedy" program will keep this tweet up, or if it will quietly delete it as they have done so in the past.

Celine Ryan

Buzzfeed shames Trump for being 'very strongly against pedophilia'

Trump said he is "very strongly" agrees with being "against pedophilia," and Buzzfeed News framed it as somehow being a bad thing.

Celine Ryan

Teen forced out of online class for refusing to take down Trump banner

A New Jersey teen says he was kicked out of his online chemistry class after he refused his teacher's demand to take down a banner expressing support for President Donald Trump.

Noah David Alter

Leftist 'TikTok teens' gave $16,000 to GOP after campaign outsmarted their attempted sabotage

Despite the TikTok trolls, the October 3 Staten Island "Triumph" event was a great success, with an attendance of over 2,500 supporters of president and the GOP.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

Democrats choose notorious mail-hoarding scam-artist postman character Newman to defend USPS against Trump

America’s most infamous fictional postman, known for being lazy and inefficient, appeared in a Democratic ad attempting to defend the US Postal Service.

Celine Ryan

Hoax implicating Charlie Kirk in Whitmer kidnapping plot still live on Twitter despite fact checks

Twitter still hasn’t taken down a problematic tweet featuring two men who had nothing to do with a crime the tweet talks about.

James Anthony

HYPOCRISY: CNN's Chris Cuomo freaks out over Trump taking his mask off, when he did the same thing

On Tuesday morning, social media has taken massively to calling Chris Cuomo out for his hypocrisy in criticizing US President Donald Trump for returning to the White House, when he had made a video doing the exact same thing.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Trump debunks mainstream media narrative by visiting supporters outside of hospital

The president emerged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this afternoon to greet supporters from his motorcade.

The Post Millennial

BREAKING: Doctors say Trump could be discharged tomorrow

U.S. President Donald Trump’s medical team says he could be discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as soon as Monday.

Celine Ryan

Trump bans Chinese Communist Party members from immigrating to America

The Trump administration announced it will ban members of any foreign Communist party from immigrating to America. This includes the Chinese Communist Party.

The Post Millennial

British MP nominates Biden for Nobel Peace Prize for some reason

Chris Bryant, a Labour MP in the British Parliament, nominated Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize this year.

James Anthony

Details emerge about the Quebec woman alleged to have mailed a poison letter to Trump

Quebec resident Pascale Ferrier has been identified as the suspect who mailed the deadly poison to the President. Ferrier was arrested a the New York-Ontario border on Sunday while trying to cross the border into Buffalo, N.Y. When arrested, Ferrier was carrying a gun.

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Police raid home in Quebec relating to suspect who allegedly sent Trump ricin-laced letter

Quebec RCMP confirm that there is an ongoing police operation taking place on Vauquelin Blvd. in St-Hubert, Quebec. The operation is related to the recent contaminated letters sent to the White House.

Joe Vaughan

33-year-old man arrested after punching 84-year-old Trump-supporting woman in the face

Police arrested a 33-year-old California after he allegedly attacked several Trump supporters during a Pro-Trump rally in Aliso Viejo, California.

Joe Vaughan