Tucker Carlson

WATCH: Jason Whitlock says white liberals supporting the defunding of the police will ensure more black people are killed

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening, stating that the defunding of the police is the best way to ensure more black people are killed.

Collin Jones

Tucker Carlson crushes the NBA in ratings as Americans turn away from social justice messaging

Tucker Carlson’s ratings continue to soar, deepening a current trend of Carlson being more popular than the NBA these days. His current ratings are almost twice those of the NBA as of yesterday.

James Anthony

Tucker Carlson releases tape of CNN's Chris Cuomo revealing he's been accused of sexual harassment

Cuomo said that "the media is not your friend." He then goes to talk about people accusing him of sexual harassment.

James Anthony

Fox News outshines the NBA in viewership

Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban was not happy to find that Fox News host Tucker Carlson had outperformed the NBA in viewership.

Collin Jones

Was The New York Times about to dox Tucker Carlson? Of course they were

Tucker Carlson revealed last night that The New York Times was about to dox him and his family—again. The politics of personal destruction is the new M.O. of NYT.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

WATCH: TPM Senior Editor Libby Emmons talks to Tucker Carlson about social justice indoctrination in New York schools

Libby Emmons, senior editor for The Post Millennial, appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show on Friday evening to discuss racism within the New York City school system.

Collin Jones

As China’s lies unravel, questions reemerge about the origin of coronavirus

It is not certain that the deadly pathogen that's infecting and killing our loved ones originated from a lab in China, but China has lied about everything and they lie to us still.

Barrett Wilson