WATCH: White House Press Secretary SLAMS media for failing to cover historic Middle East peace deals

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary, had very strong words for the mainstream media today, regarding the fact that they almost completely ignored historic peace deals signed yesterday.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Abraham Accord signed bringing peace between Israel and Arab neighbours

The historic Abraham Accord has just been signed between the United States, Israel, Bahrain and the United Aram Emirates, essentially bringing peace between Arab nations in the Middle East and Israel.

James Anthony

Saudi Arabia agrees to let Israel, UAE use its airspace

Saudi Arabia has entered into an agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Israel, allowing all flights to pass through its airspace, partly due to the efforts of the US government.

James Anthony

Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for historic Israel-UAE deal

It is obvious, using historic comparables, that this administration has accomplished—through sheer negotiation aptitude—more than any other administration ever has for the region.

Matthew Azrieli

Trump administration secures full diplomatic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Trump has been instrumental in deescalating global conflicts on the Korean peninsula and the Middle East, and adds the beginning of these UAE/Israel ties to his diplomatic wins.

Joe Vaughan

WATCH: Massive fire breaks out in market in Ajma, UAE, nearby hospital evacuated

A massive fire has ignited in a market in Ajman, UAE and a hospital has had to evacuate as a result.

Sam Edwards