UBC sued for violating free speech, cancelling Andy Ngo speaking event

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) is suing the University of British Columbia for its cancellation of a speaking engagement by TPM editor-at-large Andy Ngo.

Barrett Wilson

Trudeau government examining tax on Canadian homeowners

In more bad news for those wishing to jump on the housing ladder, the Trudeau government is currently researching a tax on homeowners.

Nico Johnson

UBC purges Board of Governor's Chair for holding conservative views

Michael Korenberg announced his resignation after it was revealed he had liked tweets opposing BLM. Activists said that their campaign will not end with here.

Angelo Isidorou

UBC chair forced to resign from board of governors for liking tweets critical of Black Lives Matter

The chair of the University of British Columbia's board of governors has resigned after criticizing and pushing back against Black Lives Matter.

Collin Jones

UBC refuses to reinstate Andy Ngo’s lecture, legal action to commence

Legal proceedings against the University of British Columbia will commence after they refused to reinstate Andy Ngo’s lecture on antifa violence.

Barrett Wilson

Campus free speech versus Antifa thugs: UBC must choose

The University of British Columbia has until January 10 to reverse its decision to cancel a speaking event featuring journalist Andy Ngo. For the sake of free speech it better.

John Carpay