Music legend Van Morrison to release three new anti-lockdown 'protest' songs

Van Morrison makes no bones about his vehement opposition to the lockdown measures in place right now in the UK and elsewhere, and has enshrined his sentiments in three new songs.

James Anthony

UK coronavirus vaccine 'safe and induces an immune reaction' in early trials

This is not the only place in the world where a potentially viable vaccine is currently in the works. Groups of top scientists in the USA and China are also at roughly the same stage at developing a vaccine.

James Anthony

Huawei 5G to be removed from UK by 2027

Mobile providers in the UK are being banned from purchasing new 5G equipment from Huawei after Dec. 31, and must remove the company's 5G kit by 2027.

Sam Edwards

UK Labour leader calls Black Lives Matter demands to defund the police 'nonsense'

The leader of the UK's opposition party has criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for their calls to defund the police in a BBC interview today.

Nico Johnson

On D-Day anniversary, George Floyd protestors deface statues of Churchill and Lincoln

On this 76th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, protestors in London defaced a statue of William Churchill and another of Abraham Lincoln.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Women forced by courts to refer to rapists’ preferred pronouns

Female victims in court proceedings are now bound to refer to males who physically and sexually attack them as "she" if that is their preferred pronoun.

Erin Perse

VE Day celebrations mark 75th anniversary of Nazi surrender

Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE-Day, the day that Nazi Germany surrendered to the allies in Europe. This year's celebrations are hampered by stay-at-home restrictions.

Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: UK gov't scientist resigns after breaking lockdown to romp with married lover

A scientist nicknamed "Professor Lockdown" has resigned from his position after breaking social distancing rules to meet his married lover.

Nico Johnson

Unhinged maniac professor chooses identity politics over coronavirus vaccine

An Oxford Women's Studies prof doesn't want a vaccine to be found in Britain, because... identity politics?

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Canadians left wondering when restrictions will be lifted as other countries move forward

The UK and US are giving presumptive dates as to when the coronavirus restrictions will end, so hasn't Canada?

Quinn Patrick

Pregnant nurse dies of coronavirus but her baby survives

A pregnant nurse in the UK has passed away after contracting coronavirus but NHS staff was able to save her baby.

Quinn Patrick

Domestic violence increases with accelerating coronavirus curve

Canada should take note from domestic violence increases in countries that are ahead of the coronavirus curve, and act now to ensure women and children are protected.

Erin Perse

WATCH: Teen testifies against transition

Emerging evidence shows that the medicalization of healthy children’s bodies and turning teens into lifelong medical patients does not result in happiness.

Libby Emmons

Social media used to silence the debate on women’s civil rights

For the left to redeem itself, we must advocate for freedom of conscience and for women’s ability to fight for their civil rights.

Julian Vigo

WATCH: Chinese woman eats bat in midst of coronavirus outbreak

A video of a Chinese woman eating a bat in its entirety at a high-end restaurant has gone viral after it is believed they are the source of the coronavirus.

Quinn Patrick