RCMP will not investigate railway derailments, report finds

The RCMP and Ontario Provincial Police will not investigate recent major accidents at Canadian Pacific and CN Railways.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Hockey legend Henri Richard passes away at 84

NHL legend and Montreal royalty Henri Richard scored 358 goals and 688 assists in his storied career. He passed away today at 84.

Barrett Wilson

Justin Trudeau remains ambiguous about the decriminalization of hard drugs

Trudeau has said that he will look at the proposals in a PMB that seeks to decriminalize hard drugs, although he does not believe it’s the solution now.

Nico Johnson

WATCH: Anti-pipeline protestors try to light train on FIRE

Other eco-radicals failed to block a train by standing in front of it when it came barrelling at them, moving out of the way with only seconds to spare.

The Post Millennial

Wet’suwet’en people hold event to show support for BC pipeline

The blockades continue throughout Canada with protestors carrying signs that say things like “Stand with Wet’suwet’en” and “Wet’suwet’en Strong”

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Toronto pizza guy calls customer gay slur, refuses service

Ontario pizza chain Gino’s Pizza has been embroiled in a scandal with the LGBTQ community after a customer was referred to as a faggot by a Gino’s employee.

Quinn Patrick

Canadian quarantined in Wuhan staying for her cat

Kristina Shramko has decided to remain in Wuhan in order to stay with her cat, Kitya, despite having the opportunity to go back to Canada.

Quinn Patrick

CBC down billions after losing rights to Hockey Night in Canada

The CBC no longer has the rights to their highest-rated program—Hockey Night in Canada. This is a big loss for CBC and will cost them over $2 billion.

Sam Edwards

Trains between Toronto and Montreal still stalled by anti-pipeline blockades

Many Via Rail trains are still being blocked or terminated as protesters continue to blockade the railways near Belleville, Ontario.

Quinn Patrick

Boris Johnson allows Huawei role in 5G networks despite Trump’s warnings

Boris Johnson has agreed to allow China’s massive telecom company, Huawei, to take part in building Britain’s 5G network.

Sam Edwards

Conservative front runner Peter MacKay plans to march in Toronto Pride parade

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay has announced he intends to march in the Pride Parade in Toronto. He applied to particiapte in the parade.

Sam Edwards

Canadians are dangerously misinformed about the Holocaust: poll

During WWII the Nazis murdered approximately six million Jewish people, almost two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe.

Quinn Patrick

Wuhan residents ‘dropping in streets’ after city is quarantined

New images from Wuhan, China, show residents laying unresponsive on the ground in public areas while bystanders surround them.

Sam Edwards

$100 million lawsuit: Tulsi Gabbard sues Clinton over defamation

Tulsi Gabbard has file a lawsuit for defamation against Hilary Clinton for $100 million in damages after Clinton claims Gabbard has Russian ties.

Quinn Patrick

Top 10 things you need to know about the coronavirus

Top 10 Things you need to know about the coronavirus. One there are over 300 people infected and already 6 have died.

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