United Conservative Party

BREAKING: Canadian premiers hold joint press conference requesting Trudeau govt increase healthcare funding by $28 BILLION

The Trudeau government's speech, which will lay out the Liberal Party's legislative agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Alberta reforms could mean fewer and weaker unions in UCP bid to 'silence' opposition

The bill coincides with plans by the United Conservative Party to remove limits on third party election spending.

Samuel Helguero

Ex-Green Party candidate laughs at Alberta's economy, wants UCP deported

Tom Milroy has landed himself in hot water after making some controversial comments regarding the price of oil, western alienation, and the UCP.

Nico Johnson

Alberta's legislative power grab is unconstitutional

While waging war against COVID-19, politicians in Alberta are not being truthful about their unconstitutional power grab during a public health emergency.

John Carpay

Alberta looks to bring investment and full employment to the province by 2023

The Alberta finance minister will reportedly be announcing a plan to kickstart the economy and create new jobs on Monday.

Sam Edwards

Edmonton protesters put Jason Kenney on Santa’s naughty list

A group of nearly 100 Edmonton protesters made a naughty and nice list, with Premier Jason Kenney not making the cut for Santa’s “nice” list.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

UCP members overwhelmingly support increased Alberta autonomy

The United Conservative Party appears to be preparing for a fight for increased autonomy with the Trudeau government.

Ali Taghva

HYPOCRITE: Parti Quebecois leader calls Alberta Premier an incompetent liar

The leader of the Parti Quebecois, Pascal Berube, has attacked Jason Kenney and his UCP in an opinion piece in the Calgary Herald.

Nico Johnson

Alberta NDP finance critic compares Kenney to Stalin

Alberta’s NDP Finance Critic Shannon Phillips has compared Jason Kenney’s politics to the tactics of “strong men” in Syria and Hong Kong.

Nico Johnson

Freedom of conscience needs to be protected in Canada

The Alberta government is looking to protect a doctor’s right to do their job without going against their conscience.

Garnett Genuis

Domestic violence law passed unanimously in Alberta, but is it enough?

Claire’s Law allows women in Alberta to get background checks on their partners to see whether they have a criminal history of domestic violence.

Ashley Teixeira

Alberta to protect citizens from civil suits who defend their land with force

Alberta is making changes to civil laws to prevent property owners from being sued if they injure someone committing a crime on their property.

Nico Johnson

Alberta’s agriculture and forestry minister leads way in fiscal responsibility in province’s new budget

Alberta’s UCP Agriculture and Forestry Minister Devin Dreeshen led the way in reducing the government’s spending within the new budget.

Graeme Gordon