United Nations

Taxpayer-funded group reports to UN that Canada is guilty of 'anti-China sentiment and white supremacy'

According to the report, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to combat a "surge of hateful violence" that came with the pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

UN reports global hunger increase due to pandemic

The United Nations recently released a report that shows concern that 132 million people could face hunger due to the pandemic.

Collin Jones

Former Ontario Premier Bob Rae appointed to be the new Canadian ambassador to the UN

Bob Rae, former premier of Ontario will replace Marc-Andre Blanchard as the newly appointed ambassador to the United Nations for Canada, according to CBC.

Quinn Patrick

UN report says pandemic may give rise to radicalization of global youth

A United Nations Security Council report has found that terrorists groups that are seeking recruits are finding a "captive audience" from students.

Quinn Patrick

UN deletes tweet supporting Antifa after public backlash

The United Nations deleted a tweet they posted to Twitter on Friday after receiving public backlash for defending Antifa's right to "freedom of expression" and "peaceful assembly."

Collin Jones

Speaker of the House orders portraits of past speakers removed due to racism

Portraits that honour former House speakers who served the Confederacy were ordered to be taken down by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Trudeau won't say if voting against Jagmeet Singh's motion is racist or not

"Recognizing systemic discrimination is the important first step towards being able to address it and ensure better opportunities," said Trudeau.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau receives FEWER U.N. VOTES than Stephen Harper did in 2010

To the surprise of some, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper actually managed to collect more votes for his bid for the UN Security Council seat in 2010.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Trudeau FAILS to win seat on UN Security Council

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has lost his bid for Canada to secure a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau cares more about a worthless UN seat than he does about Canadians

"Even if Canada rarely sided against our allies and voted with China (always possible under Trudeau), our allies would simply vote against it, cancelling it out."

Spencer Fernando

BREAKING: Trudeau says Opposition parties calling him a dictator is 'irresponsible'

Trudeau said that it was "somewhat irresponsible" for the Bloc and Conservatives to say we live in a dictatorship.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau suffers blow to security council dreams as India supports competitors

Trudeau's ambition of having a seat on the UN Security Council suffered another blow today as India looks certain to vote for either Ireland or Norway.

Nico Johnson

The UN and WHO are in desperate need of fiscal transparency

The UN, WHO, and its various arms should not be immune from scrutiny when they call on governments to donate vital resources.

Becca Wertman

Trudeau believes Canada is committing genocide. So why does he want a genocidal state on the UN Security Council?

"He is simultaneously claiming that Canada is a genocidal state, and claiming that Canada is a beacon to the world that deserves a UN Security Council seat."

Spencer Fernando

UN Security Council fails to condemn China's actions against Hong Kong

China’s domestic legislation was raised by the US, but the conversation stopped when China and Russia objected to discussing the issue at the Security Council.

Leonardo Briceno