Universal Basic Income

BC Senator says pandemic is a good time to test out basic income for all Canadians

Yuen Pau Woo, a B.C. senator says that the COVID-19 pandemic is just as good of time as any to test out the program of universal basic income in Canada.

Quinn Patrick

Liberal MP wants universal basic income in spite of Canada's tattered economy

A Liberal MP has suggested that Canada's temporary pandemic relief programs should be converted into a permanent universal basic income.

Nico Johnson

Drive-thru funerals and UBI: Spain provides glimpse of what could be next for America

The United States now leads the world with confirmed COVID-19 cases at 337,933 cases and follows Spain for a close third nearing 10,000 deaths.

Alexander Ruiz

Can conservatism survive coronavirus? Ask Donald Trump

"Remember, when President Trump said, 'We will never be a socialist country?' Well, we may be. And it could be Donald Trump who paved the way for it."

Alexander Ruiz

If the government is telling you to stay home, they should send you $2,000 NOW

If you’re being told to stay home by the government, why should you have to apply for financial support when your financial problems were caused by the government order?

Spencer Fernando

A Universal Basic Income in Canada is feasible. An interview with Scott Santens

UBI isn’t a new idea. Big names from the left and right have supported it. The question then arises: can this policy work in Canada?

Siddak Ahuja