Disney thanks China for letting them film Mulan near site of Muslim concentration camps

Disney just thanked China for their cooperation in letting them film Mulan within Chinese borders. The problem is that some scenes were filmed in an area where Chinese authorities are engaged in what many detractors have called ethnic cleansing or even genocide.

James Anthony

Trudeau government must ensure PPE is not made by Chinese slave labour

Canada should prioritize the purchase of PPE manufactured by free and democratic countries over those made in totalitarian states.

Kelly Block

China's ambassador to the UK dismisses footage of shaven and blindfolded Uyghurs

China's ambassador to the United Kingdom overtly dismissed authenticated footage depicting prisoners blindfolded with shaven heads being loaded onto trains.

Collin Jones

Senior Chinese officials sanctioned by US over human rights abuses

Sanctions were imposed on three senior Chinese Communist Party officials on Thursday by the United States.

Sam Edwards

China forces contraception on Muslim Uyghur minorities

The Chinese government has come up with a new plan to stop Uyghurs and other minorities from having children. This is an effort to stop the spread of this Islamic ethnic minority in China.

Collin Jones