Eat meat to save the world

A recent New York Times article claims that “If you care about the working poor, about racial justice, and about climate change, you have to stop eating animals.” This isn’t quite right.

Mikhaila Peterson and Carnivore Aurelius

Tim Hortons cancels Beyond Meat products from menu

Beyond Meat products, including its burger and breakfast sandwich, will no longer be sold at Tim Horton’s in Canada.

Quinn Patrick

Joaquin Phoenix takes jet to climate protest to preach vegan diet

The Joker star Joaquin Phoenix flew to a climate protest. During his brief speech he urged protesters to stop eating meat and become vegan.

Graeme Gordon

Meat Loaf goes vegan, won’t change name to Veg Loaf

Rock n’ Roll legend Meat Loaf announced he will become a vegan recently, stating that he’ll give up his carnivorous habits.

Quinn Patrick

Golden Globes enforces vegan meal policy at awards ceremony

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be serving its guests a vegan meal this year for its 77th annual Golden Globes.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Vegans attack burger restaurant, get owned by staff, arrested

A video posted to Twitter today shows vegan protestors attacking employees at an In-N-Out Burger. The crowd cheers as the protestors are carried away.

Barrett Wilson

WATCH: ‘Hero’ trolls vegan activists by eating bucket of chicken

A man raised controversy after eating KFC chicken outside of a vegan protest.

Sam Edwards

Daycare forces vegan menu on children

A British daycare has faced criticism after it introduced a vegan-only menu for the enrolled children.

Nico Johnson

Beyond Meat to bring production facility to Canada

Beyond Meat Inc. is planning to bring a production facility to Canada.

Nico Johnson

Vegans sue Burger King for meatless burger mishap

A group of vegans are suing Burger King, and it’s all because of their “meatless” Impossible Burger.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Pamela Anderson says Trudeau should serve prisoners ‘vegan meals’ to save money

Hollywood star and former Playboy playmate Pamela Anderson says Justin Trudeau should serve prisoners “vegan meals” to save money.

Siddak Ahuja

Vegans enraged by Hungry Jack’s plant-based ‘Rebel Burger’

While the ‘Rebel Burger’ is 100 percent plant based, there is still a big problem: the burger doesn’t have its own meat-free grill.

Dylan Gibbons

Californian vegan and self-proclaimed animal lover arrested for bestiality with pit bull

Originally born Hansel Marion DeBartolo III, Sexy Vegan, who had his name legally changed and tattooed across his forehead, has been charged with one count of sexual assault on an animal and posting the video on social media.

Dylan Gibbons

TURKEY VEGANS: Activists charged by police for coop sit-in

Animal rights activists that protested on an Albertan farm last month have been charged.

Graeme Gordon

Beyond Meat website quietly removes claim that eating meat contributes to heart disease and cancer

The Beyond Meat website has quietly removed a likely inaccurate statistic that purported to show that eating meat increases the likeliness of developing heart disease by 21 per cent and getting cancer by 16 per cent.

Dylan Gibbons