Via rail

Anti-pipeline blockades cost VIA Rail $373,000 a day

Revenue dropped substantially “mainly due to the interruption of service caused by the February blockades...” the report reads.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Protest re-emerges on critical Ontario rail line after being dismantled by police

A protest started in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory while CN Rail was attempting to continue their service on a critical route to eastern Canada.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau to hold meeting with premiers over anti-pipeline blockades

Prime Minister Trudeau will hold a meeting with the Canadian premiers to update what the government’s plan to deal with anti-pipeline protestors blockades

Quinn Patrick

Via Rail to reopen routes from Quebec City to Ottawa, other routes still closed indefinitely

Via Rail announced this morning that CN has notified them that partial routes between Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa will be back up and running Feb. 20.

Quinn Patrick

CN Rail forced to lay off employees as anti-pipeline protests continue

CN Rail is ceasing operations of its whole network east of Toronto due to ongoing anti-pipeline protests close to Belleville, Ont.

Sam Edwards

#ShutDownCanada protests could cause cities to run out of chlorine for drinking water

The ongoing #ShutDownCanada protests, which have put Canadian trains to a grinding halt, could impact drinking water due to chlorine shortages.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Via rail suspends all train travel across Canada due to anti-pipeline protests

Via Rail announced on Thursday afternoon that they are suspending all train travel across Canada as a result of the ongoing anti-pipeline protests.

Barrett Wilson

Via Rail says service will take at least 36 hours to resume once blockades clear

Via Rail has stated that the rail service will take around 36 hours to recommence once the solidarity blockades are finished.

Sam Edwards

VIA suspends Toronto – Montreal travel until Thursday due to anti-pipeline blockade

VIA Rail has announced that it is suspending travel between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal as a result of the ongoing blockade by anti-pipeline protestors.

Barrett Wilson

WATCH: Anti-pipeline protestors block journalists and politicians from entering BC Legislature

Video has emerged from the British Columbia legislature of B.C. press galary secretary and Global News journalist Richard Zussman being denied entry.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trains between Toronto and Montreal still stalled by anti-pipeline blockades

Many Via Rail trains are still being blocked or terminated as protesters continue to blockade the railways near Belleville, Ontario.

Quinn Patrick

Anti-pipeline protestors shut down train travel for fourth day

Environmental protesters have blocked Via Rail tracks for the fourth day now, blocking Trains in the Windsor-Quebec corridor.

Nico Johnson

Anti-pipeline protestors shut down train travel between Toronto and Montreal

Train travel between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal has been shut down by anti-pipeline protestors near Belleville, Ontario.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz