Video Games

Electronic Arts teams up with the ADL to enforce social justice in gaming

These organizations take ordinary behavior online, say its endemic examples of the far-right, and then advocate that they must gain control of video games to stop it.

Peter Pischke

Sex offender arrested after sending 8-year-old girl Roblox cash for nude videos

A man in Ellis, KS met an 8-year-old girl from Bloomfield Township MI in a video game online and struck a deal to give her in-game cash in exchange for nude videos.

James Anthony

Leading esports gaming organizer outed for sexual abuse of children, Evo Online canceled

The past several weeks have seen a number of allegations of sexual misconduct come to light within the world of esports and video games.

Collin Jones

Why I bought my kids a Nintendo Switch

I am a firm believer in the value of escapist media, by which I mean content that can momentarily pull you away from the noise and chaos happening in the world.

Holly Scheer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the game we need in quarantine right now

During our dark social distancing and quarantining, a remake of a gaming masterpiece was released.

Peter Pischke

Joe Rogan is dead wrong about video games

We love dunking on low-information people when they say “video games cause violence.” But nobody expected Joe Rogan to jump on this sinking boat.

Siddak Ahuja