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BREAKING: 'Central Park Karen' faces criminal charges for calling police on black birdwatcher

Amy Cooper, a white woman who attained notoriety after calling the police on a black man who demanded she leash her dog while he was was birdwatching in Central Park will face misdemeanour charges.

Quinn Patrick

'Wine Ninjas' strike again—this time in Quebec's Eastern Townships

A group of women in the Quebec's Eastern Townships have been breaking some social distancing measures in order to deliver wine to their friends, incognito.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Family saves bear cub swimming with plastic tub stuck on its head

A bear cub was spotted swimming with a plastic container stuck on its head, and a family pulled up beside it in their boat to help the bear out.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: White House press secretary SLAMS Mitt Romney over his 'empty words' on race in America

Kayleigh McEnany had harsh words for Mitt Romney responding to a question about whether or not Trump agrees in with Mitt Romney's statement that he supports the core message of BLM.

Quinn Patrick

Rev. Al Sharpton takes a crack at Trudeau for 21 second pause

While being interviewed by Radio-Canada Rev. Al Sharpton took a wisecrack at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Woman told to get on her knees and apologize for white privilege

A viral video on social media shows a man running up to a white woman and telling her to get on her knees and apologize for her white privilege.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Beer pong playing bros cheer on rioters who quickly break their windows

Two guys playing beer pong in their apartment filmed themselves giving the thumbs up to a group of rioters walking past. Then those rioters broke their windows.

Libby Emmons

Officer draws gun on two men who beat him in the Bronx—Mayor de Blasio calls for his resignation

An NYPD officer was attacked by two men in the Bronx last night. The incident was caught on video by onlookers, and posted to Twitter. De Blasio called for his badge.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Two police officers run over by SUV in Buffalo amid riots

A vehicle in Buffalo, New York drove through a group of police officers that were responding to protests as a result of George Floyd's murder.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Moose cools off in Ontario man's backyard pool

An Ottawa man woke up to rather Canadian surprise on Friday morning when he came out to his backyard to find a moose cooling off in his swimming pool.

Quinn Patrick

Central Park 'Karen' who lost her job and dog is Canadian

A woman walking with her dog through Central Park, now known to the internet as, "Karen" has gone viral after she called the cops on a stranger in the par

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Aaron Gunn's video critical of Trudeau's handling of pandemic

Aaron Gunn is an independent advocate for Canadian taxpayers who has put together a short video criticizing the mainstream narrative about the pandemic.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Ice cream truck owner goes rogue despite lockdown

A recent story put out by CBS News Chicago is hoping to end with the arrest of one ice cream truck driver who is still out selling cold treats.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Proud Canadian shows how to pay for Tim Hortons while maintaining social distance

Well this is the sort of story that we all want to see at a time like this. This Canadian will make you smile even in the social distancing era.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Mustang does donuts at Yonge and Dundas intersection, no arrests made

The driver of a Mustang who went viral after doing a number of pretty impressive donuts in the Yonge and Dundas intersection on Monday night.

Quinn Patrick