45 percent of Albertans support separation from Canada: poll

In a new poll that's troubling for Canadian confederation, almost half of decided Albertans say that they want independence.

Nico Johnson

Ex-Green Party candidate laughs at Alberta's economy, wants UCP deported

Tom Milroy has landed himself in hot water after making some controversial comments regarding the price of oil, western alienation, and the UCP.

Nico Johnson

Alberta can FORCE Trudeau to renegotiate equalization payments: Report

A new report conducted by the Fraser Institute has revealed that any province can force other provinces and the federal government to renegotiate the equalization payments.

Nico Johnson

Wexit would devastate Saskatchewan: Ralph Goodale

Former Liberal minister warns Wexit would devastate Saskatchewan’s economy.

Jason Unrau

New ‘Value of Alberta’ conference to explore autonomy for province

A one-day “Value of Alberta” conference examining Alberta’s place in Confederation is taking place next week, as tensions in the province remain high.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Globe and Mail suggests west doesn’t want autonomy with deceptive poll

A Globe and Mail article suggested prairie provinces are reluctant to gain more independence, despite most respondents in poll not being from the west.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

UCP members overwhelmingly support increased Alberta autonomy

The United Conservative Party appears to be preparing for a fight for increased autonomy with the Trudeau government.

Ali Taghva

Albertans may love oil, but they hate rats

The province of Alberta has been entirely rat-free for almost 70 years.

Nico Johnson

Alberta-based gas company sending propane to Quebec to show them ‘Canadian values’

Pembina Pipeline is sending propane to Quebec to display solidarity and help their “fellow Canadians”.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Buffalo Project plans to stop Wexit movement

The Buffalo Project is a group of Canadians who have been unified over their distrust of Ottawa and the Trudeau government.

Nico Johnson

Notley says Kenney’s UCP firing of election commissioner ‘reeks of corruption’

Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party (UCP) have denied accusations of electoral interference after moving to fire Alberta’s election commissioner.

Nico Johnson

Former PM Kim Campbell calls Wexit ‘nuts’

Ex-Prime Minister Kim Campbell has called Wexit “nuts” and that it was created to sow “unnecessary division.”

Nico Johnson

BLOC HEAD: Blanchet says Alberta does not send cheque to Quebec

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet has attacked Alberta Premier Kenney saying that he needs to “start explaining things with truth.”

Nico Johnson

BLOC HEAD: Blanchet mocks Wexit movement

Yves-François Blanchet has said that he will not do anything to alleviate western Canada’s frustrations.

Nico Johnson

WEXIT: Albertans to boycott Quebec beer

The former Wild Rose leader, Brian Jean, has encouraged all Albertans to boycott Quebec beer in rection to the province’s stance on Albertan oil.

Nico Johnson