White Supremacy

Mount Royal Faculty Association admits to 'white supremacy culture'

The meeting will be conducted by Professor D.A. Dirks, who goes by they/them pronouns. They is a member of the General Education Department at MRU, and they also runs a workshop addressing issues regarding pronouns.

Noah David Alter

HATE HOAX? Police find no evidence after woman claims she was set on fire by 'racists'

Althea Bernstein claims she was attacked in June by four white supremacists in Madison, Wisc. The police to date haven't found any evidence of the attack.

James Anthony

Attorneys move to sue Biden unless he retracts his smears of Kyle Rittenhouse as a 'white supremacist'

Kyle Rittenhouse's attorneys are moving to sue Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for smearing their 17-year-old client in a campaign advertisement against white supremacy.

Mia Cathell

Over 20 times Trump publicly denounced 'white supremacy'

"Trump is a Racist" has been trending on Twitter despite President Donald Trump publicly denouncing white supremacy and white nationalists again and again over the years, revealing that the mainstream media has traded what is true for what they want to believe.

Collin Jones

Biden falsely claims white supremacists are to blame for recent riots

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and mainstream media blame white supremacists for the widespread violence in America, but it's Antifa terrorizing the nation.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Trump condemns white supremacy—media asks why he won't condemn white supremacy

Some media outlets are criticizing Trump for not condemning white supremacists, but the fact is that there is video evidence to show that he did so not only during Tuesday night’s debates, but also four years ago.

James Anthony

NPR features author who claims hygiene is a social construct – has not showered in 5 years

One of the most interesting aspects of the interview is that Hamblin claims hygiene is a social construct, largely dictated by privilege.

Angelo Isidorou

CBC News quietly edits article about car break-in that anti-police activist said was 'white supremacy'

CBC News has edited out language from a story about an anti-police activist's car getting broken into that she spun into an act of 'white supremacy.' The activist did not report the crime to police.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Joe Biden mixes up Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse, lies about Trump

"I don't know enough to know whether that 17-year-old kid, exactly what he did, but allegedly he's part of a militia coming out of Illinois," said Biden when being asked about Jacob Blake.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

ACLU attorney claims that 'biological sex' is white supremacist—it isn't

Biological sex as a concept, it seems, is racist according to a new theory touted by transgender activist and ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio.

Chad Felix Greene

FBI arrest white supremacist who planned to bomb synagogue

The FBI has arrested a 27-year old white-supremacist who planned to bomb a synagogue in Pueblo, Colorado.

Siddak Ahuja