Wild Fires

Looters empty firefighter's bank account while he fights California wildfires

Looters in California reportedly "drained" the bank account of a firefighter who was busy battling the wildfires that have now covered over a million acres.

Sam Edwards

Sydney, Australia sees most rain in 30 years, putting out fires that have been active for months

Many towns and schools have been forced to evacuate after New South Wales sees heavy rainfall which has put out fires that have been active for months.

Sam Edwards

Australia hit by golf-ball sized hail, dust and flooding on top of fires

More extreme weather is hitting Australia as they see giant dust storms, hail and flooding on top of the wildfires that continue ravaging the country.

Sam Edwards

Australia’s wildfires: Bear the dog is here to help

A border collie named Bear is helping the International Fund for Animal Welfare find and rescue koalas from the bushfires in Australia.

Quinn Patrick

Canadian firefighting experts cheered on by Australians upon arrival

Another deployment of Canadians has landed in Australia to help fight wildfires.

Sam Edwards

Model says she raised $1M by sending nudes to Australian wildfire donors

A 20-year-old model has raised money and some controversy after offering nude pictures to people who donate to fighting the Australian wildfires.

Sam Edwards

Canada is sending more firefighters to Australia to help with bushfires

Canada will have sent a total of 95 fire specialists to Australia by Monday

Sam Edwards

Canadian firefighters in Australia for Christmas holidays to fight wildfires

At least 68 Canadian firefighters are giving up their Christmas holidays this year to help their Australian mates battle wildfires down under.

Siddak Ahuja

CBC and Canadian Press don’t care to get it right on climate change

“It’s because there are more people there, and they’re starting fires.”

Alex Dhaliwal and Wyatt Claypool