William Barr

Durham report detailing Obama-era efforts to tie Trump to Russia will not be ready by election day

Barr has made it clear that there should be no expectation that more information on the report will be revealed before the Nov. 3 election.

Collin Jones

The Trump administration launches anti-sex trafficking initiative to keep kids safe online

The initiative is intended to raise awareness and provide resources to aid parents, educators, and other caregivers in order to learn about the risks that children face online.

Collin Jones

Attorney General Barr says mail-in voting is 'playing with fire'

Attorney General William Barr stated that Democratic lawmakers are "playing with fire" by putting forth bills that would allow Americans to vote by mail in the upcoming presidential election amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Collin Jones

Attorney General William Barr says that education, not policing, is where racism lies in the US

Attorney General William Barr weighed in on the debates currently raging over schools, saying that teachers unions and leftists are keeping inner city kids locked in failing schools.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Dr. Fauci says there is 'no reason why' voting should not be done in person

"I think, that if carefully done according to the guidelines, there's no reason why [voting in person] would not be the case," said Fauci.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz