Woke Twitter desperately tries to defend pro-pedophile movie 'Cuties'

Despite the millions of dislikes on the trailer video on YouTube for "Cuties," woke Twitter has managed to come up with ways of defending the film.

Blaire White

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL JUSTICE: FBI now holding weekly 'intersectionality' workshops

The matter encourages agents to "recognize intersectionality" by understanding peoples intersectionality, "expanding" ones "circle" by being more inclusive in their networks.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Bookstore accidentally includes Titania McGrath's book 'WOKE' in social justice display, then quickly removes book from store

Bronco Bookstore in Pomona, Cali. included the satirical, anti-SJW book Woke in their display of authentic social justice works, before realizing it was satire and quickly removing it from the store.

Collin Jones

The New York Times commits to workplace struggle sessions, racial quotas

The New York Times held a meeting with The New York Times Guild to discuss how to implement measures to improve diversity in their organization, and "improve the working conditions of our colleagues of color."

James Anthony

Viral video reveals that woke people and racists are basically the same

"When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything" went viral today for shedding light on ironic similarities between the "woke" white mob and the racists they detest.

Mia Cathell

James Lindsay, of the woke's most prominent critics, has been locked out of Twitter

Twitter's most recent target on their campaign to shut down opposing voices is James Lindsay—creator of New Discourses and one of the most prominent critics of woke ideology.

Collin Jones

Woke writers are suffering from Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome

If the social justice response to a time of uncertainty and panic is to sow the seeds of further division, then perhaps it’s time for the world to turn away from social justice once and for all.

Sydney Watson

Meet Arielle Scarcella: The lesbian woman who left the INSANE progressive left

Arielle Scarcella, a lesbian with over 600,000 subscribers, made a viral video called “I’m A Lesbian Woman & I’m Leaving The INSANE ‘Progressive’ Left.”

Blaire White

Fitbit and Starbucks feel the wrath of rabid social justice warriors

Culture is truly confused if we think that corporate affirmation of our true selves is the kind of validation young people need.

Libby Emmons

Joaquin Phoenix went from being the Joker to being a joke

Joaquin Phoenix thinks that he’s part of the problem, and he used his acceptance speech at the BAFTAs to say so. He did, of course, keep his award.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Elizabeth Warren wants transgender child to pick education secretary

Elizabeth Warren assured voters that her selection for education secretary would be subject to the approval of a “young trans person.”

Brad Polumbo

The Guardian hates when we mock the woke—let’s keep doing it

Guardian writer, Steve Rose, attacked actor Laurence Fox for—you guessed it, unwokeness. Making fun of the woke zombies is working. Let’s keep doing it.

Ian Miles Cheong

It’s time to cancel woke commercials

We live in a “woke” time and it doesn’t seem like anyone will let us forget it—not even for a split second.

Jessica Swietoniowski

Stephen King speaks truth to woke power

A miracle is happening. 2020 might go down as the year that woke culture died. Stephen King’s vital endorsement of art for art’s sake will change minds.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Terry Gilliam takes woke culture to task in new interview

Gilliam understands how a culture that used to skewer itself for laughs has landed in a place where nothing is funny, and ambition is mocked.

Barrett Wilson