Women's Rights

Plastic surgeon intent on cancelling mothers from motherhood

Some men want to harvest women's wombs in order to implant them in men to allow men to give birth, because that is now considered a compassionate, affirming thing to do.

Erin Perse Erin Perse

Crowdfunding site shuts down black lesbian lawyer's campaign on Stonewall anniversary

What is the point of raising funds to engage in a legal fight if those against whom the suit is brought can scare the crowdfunding platform into banning the plaintiff?

Erin Perse Erin Perse

'Don't call us menstruators' petition taken down by Change.org

Women who don't want to be called menstruators created a petition using Change.org to ask that the practice be stopped. Instead, Change.org cancelled the petition.

Amy Eileen Hamm Amy Eileen Hamm

Bill to ban FGM passes in Wyoming despite pushback by radical trans activists

A Wyoming bill to ban FGM was nearly defeated by opposition from trans activists on the grounds that it would outlaw gender reassignment surgery for minors.

Erin Perse Erin Perse

JK Rowling takes to Twitter to tell the truth about biological sex

The red pilling of JK Rowling is like Christmas for gender critical feminists. She has finally come out and said it: Biological sex is real, and it's not bigoted to say it.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Why is CBC painting a sympathetic picture of an alleged child murderer?

The CBC's coverage of an alleged child killer asks reader to sympathize with the murderer, not the little girl. The man deserves a fair trial, but not sympathy.

Erin Perse Erin Perse

UK Police classify kiss on the cheek as sexual assault

In today's overzealous climate, where every action is policed and monitored, a kiss is rebranded as assault and police are marshaled to investigate it.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Global News claims Donald Trump fled from ‘female reporters’⁠—it’s not true

Global News has gone off the deep end of fake news in accusing President Donald Trump of turning away from a reporter because she is a woman.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Women forced by courts to refer to rapists’ preferred pronouns

Female victims in court proceedings are now bound to refer to males who physically and sexually attack them as "she" if that is their preferred pronoun.

Erin Perse Erin Perse

New petition demands fairness for women in Olympic sports

A global coalition of organizations has launched a petition demanding the suspension of its transgender participation guidelines that permit males to compete with women.

Barbara Kay Barbara Kay

NY Governor Cuomo uses pandemic funding bill to push through commercial surrogacy

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been pushing for commercial surrogacy to become law for some time, and he's now done it by tying it to pandemic funding measures.

Erin Perse Erin Perse