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Prominent pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai arrested by Hong Kong authorities

This marks the first time that the new national security law was used against the press.

Joe Vaughan

London man becomes second person EVER to be cured of HIV

A second person was cured of HIV following a stem cell transplant treatment. No infection was found 30 months after he stopped his traditional treatment

Sam Edwards

PANDEMIC: Coronavirus officially called pandemic by WHO

The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CORONAVIRUS: Israel closes borders, Canada avoids 'knee-jerk reactions'

One instance where this contrast can be seen is when looking at the difference in approach between Canada and Israel.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Italy to be placed on FULL LOCKDOWN due to coronavirus pandemic

Italy, Europe's sixth largest country by population that also holds the title of most coronavirus cases outside of Asia, will be put on a full lockdown.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz