Does Norm Macdonald love Andrew Yang? It’s complicated

Though Macdonald had previously never publicly endorsed a politician, this all changed last year, when Norm gave his endorsement to Andrew Yang.
Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Montreal, QC

Legendary Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald has a strange Twitter presence, certainly.

If one were to stumble upon the funny man’s account, he’d be smacked in the face by a stream of consciousness that bounces frequently between jokes, live tweeting sporting events, and rarely, politics.

Norm, who has developed a cult-like following with a younger generation thanks to YouTube video clips such as “I’m Not Norm,” has publicly talked about politics when necessary. In March of 2018, Norm appeared on CTV’s Question Period with Joyce Napier—who is his sister in law—in which he discussed PM Trudeau and the state of comedy in the world of Trump.

Though Macdonald had previously never overtly publicly endorsed a politician (though he did voice his preference of George Bush over Bill Clinton after insinuating that he was a murderer,) this all changed on December 26 last year, when Norm gave his endorsement to Andrew Yang and the Yang Gang, under one condition.

“I will give my full endorsement to Andrew Yang and do whatever is in my power to help him win (sic) on one condition. That he becomes my close personal friend. The ball is in your court, Andrew,” joked Macdonald, quickly gathering over 2000 retweets and nearly 20,000 likes.

To everyone’s surprise, though, Yang actually responded! Although Yang did not explicitly state that he would be friends with Norm, he did say he wanted to meet up on the campaign trail.

“Haha happy to work on it with you Norm.  Let’s meet up in Iowa or New Hampshire.”

Since then, Norm has retweeted Yang and has built some Twitter rapport with the presidential candidate, who is currently polling around 4 percent.

On January 6, Macdonald enthusiastically tweeted “YES!” at one of Yang’s tweets, and just yesterday, Macdonald said that Yang is “who we need.”

Macdonald has even gone out of his way to provide a campaign slogan for Yang, even making it his Pinned Tweet. “How about this. YANG: 2020 VISION #YangGang,” the comedian tweeted yesterday.

It’s oftentimes difficult to tell whether someone is being sincere on the internet. This is doubled over when someone with a well-documented history of trolling, such as Macdonald, continually tweets favourably of, well, anything.

Whether or not Norm is sincere is up for debate. But the fact that Norm is even potentially in the #YangGang is already fantastic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
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