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Doug Ford’s flip flop on sex-ed fails Ontario families

For many parents, the Catholic school system has been a safe haven for their children to escape the public school system’s sex-ed indoctrination.

Mattea Merta Montreal, QC
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For many parents, the Catholic school system has been a safe haven for their children to escape the public school system’s sex-ed indoctrination. One of the primary reasons parents are grateful for this system is the consistency in the Catholic system’s doctrine and unwavering commitment to keeping comprehensive sex education out of their school’s curriculum.

In Ontario, however, news just came out that the provincial government headed by Premier Doug Ford, who won the Ontario PC party’s leadership race back in 2018 thanks to parental rights advocate and fellow leadership contender, Tanya Granic Allen, has flip-flopped yet again on this profile. During the 2018 Ontario PC leadership race, Ford took on the same talking points as Granic Allen to win the position, saying “Wynne (the former Liberal Ontario Premiere) has failed our kids” and vowed to scrap and replace the Liberal sex education curriculum once elected.

He also pledged to bring back the pre-Wynne sex-ed until a new curriculum had been crafted. Ford said the curriculum would be “age-appropriate.” a promise that appears to have not just fallen by the wayside, but has been completely and intentionally ignored.

To add context, the construction of Wynne’s curriculum was headed up by her deputy Education Minister, Benjamin Levin, who pleaded guilty in a Toronto court on three charges of child pornography. Levin was sentenced to three years in prison in May 2015 for not only possessing child pornography, but for creating it, as well as counselling others to commit sexual assault. Levin also took part in having inappropriate online chat groups with minors.

The sex-ed that Levin championed is the same sex-ed that Premier Doug Ford has decided to keep. Not only has the Ontario government turned its back on their promise to Ontario’s parents and their kids, but they have now requested that terms such as “gender expression”, “family status”, “marital status”, and “gender identity” be added to the prohibited grounds of discrimination contained in the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Code of Conduct. These additions were exposed by the parental rights group of Ontario, PAFE.

These language additions may not seem like anything consequential, but that’s because we haven’t seen or heard of the ramifications of implementing such policies in Canada. So, here’s an example for you of what Ontario families are going to be facing; in 2015, Fairfax County in Virginia, USA, cast a vote to include the expression “gender identity” into the Fairfax County school system’s non-discrimination policy. This addition opened the door for boys to go into the girls’ washrooms and change in their change rooms.

Or look at what’s already started in the grade schools of Burnaby, B.C. One video, titled “Trans Qmunity kindergarten Ad,” shows the type of indoctrination that is already happening in parts of Canada.

The video features children singing about a genderless world, how they’re taught that gender doesn’t exist, and are taught to use their pronouns when introducing themselves. All of this from “teachers” who show themselves sketching the faces of infamous serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Richard Ramirez. (Skip to 1:22)

It’s not surprising that trans groups target schools because of the innocence and impressionability of children. Many groups claim these policies need implementation in the name of inclusion and as an anti-bullying measure. Groups push to have “transgender theory” taught, boys to compete in girls sports, drag queens perform provocative dances for kids, as well as head up their storytime. The issue in Fairfax County, as well as in Ontario, isn’t having biological boys use the girl’s washrooms, but it is the government exercising its strong arm. This is about power and politics, not children and their futures.

Parents don’t send their kids to school to get indoctrinated, but educated. That’s part of the reason hundreds of parents in Fairfax County filled the room where this policy addition was being voted on, many shouting just to be heard by the board, their angst undeniable. The video that recorded the meeting shows the chairman of the board threatening to kick out the parents, slamming his gavel several times to shut them up.

There was only one woman on the board that voted against the policy while the sponsor said that parents were standing on the wrong side of history. Parents know their children better than any government bureaucrat. It’s shameful for such a statement to be made.

Adopting these types of policies doesn’t just infringe on children’s privacy, but cancels teachers’ freedom of speech, puts lies into kids heads that some people are born into the wrong body, allows boys to compete in girls sports and in the end, makes girls the biggest losers.

Kids being told men can be women, leaves society in a scary place; the erasure of women. Trans theory is currently killing women’s sports and our uniqueness. Trans policies also leave the exploitation of females by biological males on the table with several cases reported. Where’re all the classes that talk about the strength that comes from a society that has both strong men and women who optimize their gifts together? Well, they’re definitely not being taught in Fairfax County, Virginia or in Ontario.

It’s not compassionate to say to a child, or any individual for that matter, that people are born into the wrong body. In fact, according to the American College of Pediatricians, it’s psychological abuse. Every individual carries around with them 100 million nucleated cells that tell us we are either male or female. We can’t change that! We’re meant to teach our kids how to flourish, not fill them with lies that ultimately confuse them.

Policy matters. Language matters. There are real-life ramifications that stem from both.

To the parents of Ontario, please, stand up for your children and for your rights to be their first and primary educator. To the teachers of Ontario, don’t allow the mob to run over your ability to exercise your freedom of speech or your freedom of conscience. And to the government of Ontario, stay the heck away from these dangerous policies!

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