73 days to drop fossil fuels or face “climate catastrophe”: Elizabeth May

The Green Party leader tweeted that if Canadians don’t become fossil fuel free before the next election, we will face a “climate catastrophe”.
Cosmin Dzsurdzsa Montreal, QC

In an apocalyptic tweet, the leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May warned Canadians that we would face “unsafe levels” of heat and “climate catastrophe” if we don’t transition off fossil fuels before the next election.

The tweet was in response to a CBC News Alerts announcement claiming that top oil sands producers took out newspaper ads urging Canadians to support the energy sector.

May used the opportunity to promote her party and their recently unveiled environmental platform titled “Mission Possible”.

“Greens are the only party willing to put a safe planet before political gain,” wrote May in a followup tweet.

Many Canadians took the opportunity to lambast May’s predictions, pointing out the impossibility of getting fossil fuel free in such a short time frame.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa
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