Everyone can now go topless at two Canadian waterparks

All things considered this is really a “theoretical” privilege

Two waterparks, one in Quebec, the other in Ontario, have quietly changed their dress code policy.

The code of Village Vacances Valcartier, a water park near Quebec, and East Ontario’s Calypso Waterpark, now reads, “bathers of all genders are required to wear an appropriate swimsuit bottom.”

The implication is clear, all genders will have the right to go topless if they please.

Of course, several restrictions still remain. Thongs and overly transparent clothing continue to be disallowed. More importantly, the park can still ask people to put on a top if they receive complaints.

As many media sources, like Le Journal, have said this is really, all things considered, a “theoretical” privilege.

“Our priority is that our clients feel welcomed and secure… we’re not looking at expulsion, but we reserve the right to talk to clients to explain the issues that are raised,” said a spokesperson for the two parks, Marie-Eve Doyon.

“People are reasonable and know that these are family parks.”

The decision to allow anyone to go topless follows a human rights complaint which brought a case against several Cornwall pools, including Calypso. The organizations all settled out of court.

The case cited a 1996 decision by Ontario’s Court of Appeal allowing anyone to go without a top in public.