How pedophiles are being normalized

Pedophilia as a recognized sexual orientation has gained relevance with a rising number of organizations and academics within the last decade alone.


The painting of pedophiles into patrons of innocence is years in the making. It premiered as a morality-play, taking place in the outer limits of unalienable weakness. It is here the virtuous pedophile fights against forces beyond their control. Redemption is met through the mercy of others living along this boundary, demons, who in turn, evangelize the practice of self-restraint.

It is important to look below the surface at the broader context of meaning because nothing is ever as it seems. Jeffrey Epstein sold himself as a nurturer and serial illusionist, convicted sex offender Larry Nassar had a job helping children. Just recently, it was revealed that actor Simu Liu of Disney's action movie Shang-Chi said of pedophilia "From a biological standpoint it's no different than being gay — a small mutation in the genome that determines our sexual preferences," he said. "Depending on what area of the world you were born and what time, it also may have been a perfectly acceptable thing to act on those urges."

In 2019 Dutch psychologist Madeleine van der Bruggen took the TEDx stage to talk about pedophilia as a natural sexual orientation, adding a sympathetic nuance of support around the susceptibility of loneliness among those with pedophilic interests, and how society should mature in favor of their support. She describes pedophilia not as a mental condition but as a natural preference people are born with and should be able to live out freely. These words are most likely based on the work of German physician, Klaus Michael Beier, who years before her, termed pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

"Pedophilia is something that a person is born with — a sexual orientation like heterosexuality or homosexuality — and has no cure," said Klaus Beier.

Pedophilia as a recognized sexual orientation has gained relevance with a rising number of organizations and academics within the last decade alone. Pedophilia as a sexual orientation blurs the lines between child sexual abuse and open-minded compassion. The advocates of child-like sex dolls, and the sexual depiction of minors in drawings and cartoons regard pedophiles as a class that should be protected against the enormously popular punitive laws designed to punish child sex offenders. Even the LGBT community will not claim them, but there is some support among members and there is time.

Organizations which support virtuous pedophiles describe themselves as a new kind of child protection organization, which on the surface looks like a cause most people can get behind. Where they differ in traditional methodology is they see the pedophile as the victim and society as the enemy. They downplay harms in fantasy enactment and work towards reducing the criminalization of perpetrators; and at the end of all this, rationalize child victims of sexual abuse as the ultimate beneficiaries.

According to RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, law enforcement databases house hundreds of thousands of reports of offenders who trade child sexual abuse material online. Less than 7 percent of these cases are ever actively investigated.

MAP Support Club, a chat group for virtuous pedophiles and children aged 13 and up, has gained prominence by forming alliances with organizations acting as a central point of authority. A non-profit called, Prostasia Foundation has filled this role for MAP Support Club and other similar covenants, acting as a funding, lobbying, and legal arm, a kind of American Civil Liberties Union for virtuous pedophiles. Their support will advance the rise of the virtuous pedophile more than any other organization can do alone.

Throughout 2019, Prostasia Foundation had a convicted sex offender on their advisory council and governing board, a slew of volunteer staff: a sex worker, a webcam model, a BDSM consultant, and kink enthusiasts. Recently, NBC contributor, Noah Berlatsky joined their ranks as Communications Director. His recent work includes interviews on the positive impact of pornography on children. Prostasia maintains a negative correlation between pedophiles who indulge in sexual fantasies against those acting on violent child sexual abuse, despite the overwhelming evidence disproving the theory. Virtuous pedophiles don't just want sex, you see, they want a love affair, and somehow this makes it better.

Michael L. Bourke head of the USMS Behavioral Analysis Unit is cited in several studies saying, "It is imperative for professionals across the spectrum to understand that individuals who are sexually interested in children commit a variety of fantasy-based criminal acts." A NetClean 2016 study shows that 50-85 percent of consumers of child sexual abuse material also commit hands-on abuse.

Sexual fantasies relating to children typically occur in the context of secrecy, but peer support groups and social media have changed this. The virtuous pedophile openly indulges in fantasy enactments, ritual, fetishization, and drawings that depict children in sexual motifs, and they no longer need a dark web chat room to do it.

Prostasia Foundation is ripe with symbolism, liberal illusion and free expression, the name itself comes from the Greek word for "protection." Its Executive Director, Jeremy Malcolm can be found on public forums under the name "Terminus," a Roman divinity who presides over boundaries.

In the story of Terminus, everyone marks the boundaries of his landed property by stones to be consecrated to Jupiter. In doing this, a new sanctuary emerges but for the temple of Terminus to remain undiminished and young, offerings and sacrifices must be made to the stone. Terminus represents an ending, but at times it is difficult to determine whether its meaning references an end to pedophilic stigma or an end to innocence. The ontological fallacy of expecting a light at the end of this tunnel, the erection of a temple, are what the preachers at the temple of the virtuous pedophile sell. They encourage your capacity for illusion, and then tell you it's virtue, because there is a buck to be had there.

It has been documented that up to 3 percent of the male population has some form of pedophilic interest.  There has been a massive increase in cases in the last 10 years, and that roughly 1-5 girls (20 percent) and 1 in 20 boys (5 percent) will be victims of sexual abuse in their childhood.

The attachment of physical lust to fantasies in practice is forbidden by society. The person with pedophilic tendencies uses the structure of sex positivity to attach themselves to the metaphysical act of child sexual abuse.

The virtuous pedophile imitates what they think is the behavior of the truly disturbed and modifies this behavior into a sex positive fantasy of their own making, a fantasy which advances the belief that they have achieved societal approval and moral support. This is able to be justified because interaction or communication between minds occurs without the intervention of any known physical agency. There is no policing between the minds of virtuous pedophiles, so they are free to hang their fantasies in limitless virtual animation using digital applications that make it possible.

Last summer, Justine Ang Fonte, former director of Health & Wellness at the prestigious Dalton School, gave a seminar on pornography literacy at the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, which included a discussion on the marketability of Only Fans to a room full of teenage kids. It goes without saying that defense of this hot new app used mostly for sex work and touted by many as female empowerment is absurd on its face. This year the BBC reported a rise in minor children using the app for sex work.

Why are we only hearing about the prevalence of child sexualization in the Manhattan education system from the New York Post? The New York Times published an article framed in defense—not of the children, not of the parents—but of Fonte, and the feelings of safety it cost her. Where there are virtuous pedophiles, there also exists the moral imperialism of fembot progressivism, ready and willing to offer callous nuance for the cause.

Pedophilia is defined as an ongoing sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Acting on it is illegal in nearly every corner of the world. It is atypical, and hardly anything else is considered more repulsive or reprehensible by society as the sexual abuse of children. Pedophilia is in the diagnostic manual for mental disorders, it is not classified as a "sexual orientation," despite the erroneous insistence of some in the medical community that this classification should change. However, in 2013 it almost did.

In the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the first new edition in 10 years, the American Psychiatric Association described pedophilia as a "sexual orientation." It later retracted this classification. However, this was not an error, it was the very careful and deliberate action of Ray Blanchard, an American sexologist who co-wrote the chapter on sexual disorders in the new DSM. Blanchard's work has been criticized by many in the medical field, who have also pointed out his propensity to slip things stealthily into DSM writings. After receiving backlash from conservative pundits, the DSM removed this classification, stating it had changed the definition in error.

The influence of sex fantasies is well documented among the medical community.  According to the Abel & Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study, molesters who maintain sex fantasies of children have more than three times the number of child victims as molesters who do not fantasize about having sexual interactions with children.

The virtuous pedophile is itself a creation myth, resting on fantasy, and marred by varying degrees of logical fallacies. Despite their penchant for the Greek classics, they should have read Thales of Miletus, which says, "Someone asked him if it would be possible to hide evil from the gods. He said, "Not even in your thoughts."


If you suspect a child in your life may be experiencing sexual abuse, you can talk to someone who is trained to help. Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or chat online at


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