Liberal immigration minister suggests that Conservatives “dance with white supremacists”

AImmigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently suggested in a speech during Canada Day that “Islamophobia was the norm” in Canada and that Conservatives “dance with white supremacists”
Jason Unrau Montreal, QC

Ahmed Hussen isn’t commenting about remarks he made at a Somali independence festival on July 1st in Toronto, coinciding with Canada Day, where during a campaign-style speech he suggested Liberal opponents are racist Islamophobes who “dance with white supremacists”

“They’ll take us back to a Canada in which Islamophobia becomes the norm. We don’t want that. We don’t want to go backwards. We want to go forwards,” said Hussen, the York South–Weston MP and Immigration minister.

In a blurry and truncated clip of Hussen’s address to a largely Afro-Canadian crowd, Hussen switches between Somali and English and near the end of the video claims political forces massing against Liberals’ re-election ambitions are in bed with the far-right.

“Vote for the leaders who will not divide you, not dance with white supremacists’” he implores.

To date Hussen has not responded to The Post Millennial’s questions about his statements; in particular, he would not specify when Islamophobia was considered the norm in Canada, or the basis for his claim that Conservatives are “dancing with white supremacists”.

No stranger to race-hustling, Hussen has used invective language against critics of a severely compromised immigration system that has seen some 40,000 people illegally cross into Canada since January 2017.

Last May Sylvain Ricard, the Auditor General of Canada, reported that asylum claims are now backlogged five-years because of the situation, while Hussen has answered his critics by accusing them of being anti-immigrant, fearmongers and even anti-Canadian.

Jason Unrau
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