Amputated man shocked to find his former leg on a packet of cigarettes

He hadn’t seen his left leg in years.
Samuel Helguero Montreal, QC

An Albanian man living in eastern France was surprised to see his leg on the health advisory of a cigarette packet—After all, he hadn’t seen his left leg in years.

Although the cigarette case reads, “smoking blocks your arteries.” The immigrant amputee had his leg removed after being shot in Albania in 1997.

According to Le Republic lorrain, the photo has been in circulation since 2016. It was revealed to the Albanian man and his family by the daughter of the amputee.

One day the girl came home and threw a pack of cigarettes on the table. On it was the picture of a leg and waist with the unrecognizable features of her father’s.

The man is being represented by his lawyer, Antoine Fittante, who commented, “this is not a question of money. He wants the photo to be pulled. His dignity has been profoundly disrupted.”

The amputee believes the photo to have been taken during a meeting with his doctor while he still had the leg.

“We are in the midst of verifying the trajectory of this photo: who took it, who transmitted it, who verified its authenticity, who verified a declaration of consent that a person must sign for his photos to be used for sanitary purposes,” said the lawyer, articulating the process behind which photos usually make their way to print.

Samuel Helguero
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