Mark Norman’s lawyers reference SNC-Lavalin in attempt to unseal documents

His lawyers have alleged that the documents will reveal further political interference in the case of their client.
Cosmin Dzsurdzsa Montreal, QC

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s lawyers have argued that the testimony given by Michael Wernick before the Justice Committee investigation on SNC-Lavalin provides their client a chance to see sealed government documents regarding his case.

Norman is being tried for breach of trust after allegedly leaking confidential government information on a $700 million naval procurement.

Several people from the Prime Minister’s Office who were implicated in the SNC-Lavalin allegations by ex-attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould are also involved in Norman’s allegations, including the Prime Minister’s former Principal Secretary Gerald Butts and Wernick.

According to Norman’s legal team, Wernick’s testimony before the committee mentioned the fact that he had decided against blocking their request to release the documents, which amounts to a waiving of solicitor-client privilege.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa
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