NASA releases video detailing plan to colonize moon by 2024

Get ready folks; mankind will begin colonizing the moon in the next five years.

Get ready folks; mankind will begin preparation to colonize the moon in the next five years.

NASA has released a plan which involves 37 launches of private and NASA rockets, as well as a mix of robotic and human landers. The plan ends with a “Lunar Surface Asset Deployment” in 2028, likely the beginning of a surface outpost for long-duration crew stays.

The NASA announcement follows the Trump administration tasking it to send humans to the lunar south pole by 2024.

You can view the video announcement of it below, it is narrated by Canadian actor and legendary TV space traveller William Shatner.

According to some researchers, NASA’s push to place humans on the moon in 2024, along with the ongoing research on the International Space Station, could serve as a great opportunity to prepare for Mars.

Interestingly enough, NASA appears to have confirmed that message with a tweet which notes, “we will build sustainable infrastructure to support missions to Mars and beyond. This is what we’re building. This is what we’re training for. We are going. ”

What do you think about NASA’s plan to get to the moon and stay there?

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