NBC just can’t stop lying about the Virginia 2A rally

NBC lied by calling the 2A rally a “white nationalist rally” and about what protesters were chanting. Why can’t they stop lying.
Ian Miles Cheong Montreal, QC

Thousands of gun rights activist have traveled from across the United States to gather today in Richmond, Virginia, to protest against gun-control laws being advanced by the commonwealth’s new Democratic majority in the General Assembly. Following reports of “threats” and potential “violence,” VA Governor Ralph Northam (D) ordered a state of emergency and banned guns from Capitol Square—but gun rights activists have not been deterred by the order to protest Northam’s infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

As the protest in the commonwealth’s capitol begins in earnest, liberal journalists and public figures have taken to smearing its attendees. Pam Keith, a former Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida condemned the 2nd Amendment marchers, referring to them as “a bunch of incel ammosexuals.” She misrepresented the gathering, which has remained peaceful since it began earlier this morning, as “threatening goon squads.”

A day ahead of the protest, NBC News reporter Ben Collins falsely described the then-upcoming march as a “white nationalist rally in Virginia.” He wrote: “Verify information before you send it out tomorrow, even if it’s a very sensational rumor you heard from a cop. Don’t become a hero in neo-Nazi propaganda circles with made-up stuff.”

Perhaps Collins should consider taking his own advice next time. Collins later deleted the tweet, but doubled down on referring to the protesters as “white nationalists.” The reporter justified it by calling it a white nationalist rally due to white nationalist organizations’ alleged plans to attend the Lobby Day protest.

Gabe Gutierrez, an NBC News correspondent, openly lied about the protesters’ chants. In a clip shared by Gutierrez, protesters can be heard reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Gutierrez wrote instead that they were chanting “we will not comply”—a phrase unheard anywhere in the clip.

In a segment for MSNBC, news reporter Craig Melvin falsely claimed that “thousands” of “white nationalists and militia groups” were “swarming the state capitol in Richmond.” His incendiary language is identical to the terms used by other journalists who’ve been gunning for a showdown between Antifa and the Alt-Right in the Virginia state capitol.

Democracy doesn’t simply die in darkness—it dies when journalists lie about the things they write about.

Ian Miles Cheong
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