Notley not sure if she will vote NDP in October

On Friday, Jagmeet Singh said that he will try his best to gain Notley’s support.
Siddak Ahuja Montreal, QC

Rachel Notley is not sure if she will vote for the Federal NDP this October.

Notley is the leader of the Alberta NDP. She was the province’s Premier until this year, and is now the leader of the official opposition in the Alberta legislature.

She championed the Transmountain Pipeline and opposes the viewpoints of Premier Jason Kenney and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

“I don’t agree with Jagmeet Singh on this matter, and I don’t agree with Jason Kenney on this matter,” she said, according to CBC.

“I think Jason Kenney is unrealistic about the fact that he doesn’t have to take climate change seriously. And I think that Jagmeet Singh is unrealistic about the need for all Canadians to have economic security and the kind of economic security that Alberta provides to all Canadians, not just to Albertans.”

Notley’s position, in fact, is more similar to that of Justin Trudeau. Trudeau supports the pipeline, while also supporting greater action on climate change.

When asked whether Singh’s position on the pipeline would impact her federal vote, she said, “When we get closer to the election, I’ll make a decision in my own riding about which candidate’s best able to represent the needs of Albertans and the people in my riding of Edmonton-Strathcona.”

On Friday, Jagmeet Singh said that he will try his best to gain Notley’s support.

“I’m going to convince her,” he said.

“In all honesty, Premier Notley — she did an amazing job. She fought hard for people… She did a host of amazing things, all the same things we want to do at the federal level. We disagree on one point, but there’s so much that we have in common.”

Siddak Ahuja
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