Dec 18, 2019 12:29 PM EST

Don’t pull an Elizabeth Warren this Christmas—know your heritage!

Before making claims of who your ancestors are, get AncestryDNA and Ancestry® Family History this Christmas and be sure about your family’s past.

Don’t pull an Elizabeth Warren this Christmas—know your heritage!

How much do you know about your ancestors? Many North Americans have sparse knowledge of their heritage despite the meticulous archival records available to them. Were your ancestors on the right side of history? Are you from the mild mannered legacy of the Vikings? Or maybe you come from a long line of Egyptian pharaohs. Did your ancestors come over on the Mayflower or the Titanic? Are you related to your lover unbeknownst to you? (Ghengis Khan did get around.)

You just couldn’t be sure in the past … but with AncestryDNA now you can. It’s now on sale in Canada for $69 plus shipping—their best offer yet. The Cyber Sale launched Wednesday night, and is only available for a limited time.

Don’t catch yourself being the next Elizabeth Warren, know your ancestry. Ancestry® Family History Gift Subscriptions in Canada are now 20% off until December 25.

AncestryDNA already has more than 15 million members in their database which allows them to connect you to your worldwide family tree. What does your family story entail? Are you Abe Lincoln’s long lost descendant? How about the great great grandson of John Wilkes Booth?  Have you always wanted another sibling, well maybe you already have one.

Take advantage of this revolutionary technology that allows you to discover your roots and trace your lineage geographically through the past. It’s possible your ancestors came to North America by foot across the Bering Strait from Siberia many moons ago. Do you really enjoy going for a good long walk? Well maybe that’s why.

Heck, don’t take our word for it, read some of the things folks who already bought a kit have had to say about their AncestryDNA results:

“My one son gave me a DNA kit for Christmas last year.  My other son spent hours researching and following leads. Consequently, I was able to find my birth family. I now have a sister and two brothers in my life.  I was able to get background information that been life changing. Thank you,” said Bonnie Chaney.

“DNA turned up my half-brother this year, confirming the family rumor that my mother had a child long before she met my dad.  Now we are preparing to search for his birth father. It’s exciting! Thanks for the information,” said Mary Kay Radnich.

Well that certainly seems better than a candy cane or wool socks, folks. Make for a stocking stuffer that lasts for many Christmases to come with a growing family tree.

This year for Christmas, show that loved one you truly care about them by putting family roots under the Christmas tree. You can also buy an additional kit to yourself with a deal this good. In a time where the future seems uncertain, at least you can know for sure about your past.

Order the AncestryDNA Kit—now over 30% off at $89 across Canada.