Mar 3, 2021 8:23 PM EST

SodaStream: An Israeli business with a strong link to Canada

SodaStream has grown to become the #1 sparkling water brand in Canada, with 43 percent market share of total sparkling water sold.

SodaStream: An Israeli business with a strong link to Canada

"Imagine I told you there was a product, that if you buy it, you actually save money, lose weight, improve your health, help save the environment, AND… promote peace in the Middle East!

Well this is exactly what SodaStream does! Because once you buy it:

  • you no longer need to spend your money on sodas or sparkling water,
  • you drink much more water and consume less sugar and chemicals,
  • you stop throwing away all those empty plastic bottles and cans
  • And you support a factory where Israelis and Palestinians work together shoulder to shoulder."

These words come from David Levy, the Consul General of Israel for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces and Permanent Representative of Israel to the International Civil Aviation Organization (commonly known as ICAO).

Levy is speaking from personal experience, as he has been an avid user of SodaStream for some time now.

SodaStream has grown to become the #1 sparkling water brand in Canada, with 43 percent market share of total sparkling water sold. Beyond their smart sparkling water system, their success is also attributed to their commitment to promoting peace and environmental sustainability.

SodaStream Promotes Arab-Jewish Unity

Today, SodaStream finds itself at the vanguard of critical issues facing the human race, and is going above and beyond to make a positive difference. Here are just some of the amazing examples of the unity the company is creating:

  • The SodaStream factory is located in the Negev desert of Israel (22 Km from the Gaza border). It employs 2,000 people from all religions and nationalities including Jews, Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians work side by side in peace and harmony.  They call it their “Island of Peace”.
  • SodaStream has great respect and ties with the Bedouin community. SodaStream is the biggest employer in the region (650 Bedouins work in their factory). Further, unemployment rates in Rahat fell from 32% to 11% in their few years of presence.
  • SodaStream specifically tailors their work environment to women (some of whom are not encouraged to work within the community) through efforts such as "mother’s lines" with specially adapted work hours.
  • All their employees receive equal pay and benefits.
  • In terms of daily life, SodaStream employees not only work together, they also eat and celebrate together and have become family.

SodaStream is also proud to showcase that every product is made in Israel and produced by Arabs and Jews working side-by-side in peace and harmony.


SodaStream's Canadian Office

The Canadian corporate HQ for SodaStream is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Employing over 80 staff, It includes a gas refilling plant. The plant opened in January 2019, with fanfare from Premier Doug Ford, Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Consul General Galit Baram and Canada’s first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar. Since opening, the plant has expanded capacity and is now running 24 hours a day to keep up with unprecedented demand. Their success has resulted in 5 consecutive years of strong double digit growth.

"We are so proud to see the growth of SodaStream here at home. It’s a testament to the incredible quality of Canadians' unwavering commitment to a sustainable lifestyle” said Rena Nickerson, General Manager of SodaStream Canada.

The company is known for its cheeky and progressive advertising, showcased in its latest campaign featuring Snoop Dogg enjoying the “small things” that make life meaningful.

“I love my SodaStream so it was natural for me to partner up with them for this campaign. They make a great product and a big difference in the word. I am happy to help spread the love!“ said Snoop Dogg.

Nickerson explained SodaStream’s direction in today’s hectic world: “During these times, we know people want to smile – and to take back some control.  A SodaStream sparkling water maker lets you bubble your water to your liking, while doing your part to reduce plastic waste.”

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