Trump hammers Sweden over A$AP Rocky detainment

Well folks, Trump tried, Trump so far has failed.
Ali Taghva Montreal, QC

Well folks, Trump tried.

And so far Trump has failed.

According to reports, A$AP Rocky, one of the musical GOATs of my generation, has now not only been arrested and left in prison for an extended period of time but has now also been charged with assault in Sweeden, despite the American President’s multiple private and public objections.

Rocky, real name Rakim Mayer, 30, could face two years in prison if convicted.

Yes, you read that right, Trump is really trying and so far failing to get a Rapper out of a Swedish jail, for apparently defending himself, and it seems Kanye and Kim Kardashian somehow had a hand in getting this story to the White House.

So what’s gotten the President as well as many other prominent Americans angry about this case?

As of now, video clips posted on Instagram by A$AP Rocky show the rapper alongside his crew asking two men to stop following them repeatedly.

According to the video caption, one of the men following them hit security “in the face with headphones.”

In another video posted by TMZ, A$AP Rocky appears to grab one of the men and throw him to the ground.

After weeks of holding Rocky in prison, the two men accused of attacking Rockey’s security first have had the charges against them dropped by Sweedish authorities.

“The preliminary investigation in that matter is now discontinued and the injured party is no longer suspected of any crime,” the Swedish Prosecution Authority said of the man, who was originally reported by Page Six to have been under investigation for molestation and assault.

President Trump was notably not happy about this result, tweeting out that Sweeden had let down the African-American community of the United States.

While the President has failed so far in his attempts at freeing A$AP, the actual back and forth occurring here is quite interesting.

Would Obama or Bush, or Clinton fight to get A$AP out? I doubt it.

But Trump, a Republican President with absolutely abysmal approval ratings with the African-American community clearly is.

I don’t know if that says more about Trump’s willingness to go against the grain or the West-Kardashian clan’s serious soft power.

What do you think? Should A$AP Rocky be free or is the Sweedish justice system acting fairly?

Looking deeper, is this just Trump showing his willingness to be different, or the power of the West-Kardashian clan coming to the forefront?

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Ali Taghva
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