WATCH: Two anti-Chinese racist incidents take place in Vancouver area

Two more videos of racist rants have surfaced showing people in Vancouver-area telling others to leave Canada.

Two more videos of racist rants have surfaced showing people in the Vancouver area telling others to leave Canada.

The first video shows a Richmond man washing his car outside of his condo building, specifically in a no-wash area of the parking lot. An Asian woman, who also resided in the condo, decided to approach the man and his vehicle to take a photo of the man’s license plate, as his hose was splashing on his vehicle.

According to the woman, it was at this point that the man started spewing racially-charged language at the woman.

The man can clearly be heard saying, “I hate the f*ckin’ Chinese … This is a f*ckin’ invasion.”

The incident, which was captured on video on Saturday, Nov. 2, was the second racist incident within the last week in the Vancouver-area to be captured on tape.

Another video, captured just days before, caught a woman in a Shoppers Drug Mart telling a couple of Chinese employees that they’re “rude” for speaking Mandarin in front of her at the checkout counter.

“Shut up, you’re rude. Speak in English in Canada. Rude as f*ck, who do I complain to? Shut up. You’re rude. You are rude. Go somewhere else,” the woman can clearly be heard saying, before demanding the clerk for the store number.

The first video was captured outside of a condominium in Richmond, B.C., a city that is no stranger to rising racial tensions and a struggle to find harmony between groups. According to the city of Richmond’s website, the predominant minority group in Richmond is Chinese, at 53% of the total population (the highest proportion in Canada). The next most common minority groups are the South Asian group (for example East Indian, Pakistani), at 7.3% of the total, and Filipino at 6.9% of the total.

The city has been forced to have uncomfortable conversations about how to handle the challenges that come with immigration, such as stores that advertise solely in Chinese, or underground taxi cab services that only serve Chinese patrons.

In Burnaby, where the Shoppers Drug Mart incident was captured, the total visible minority population makes up 63.6% of the local population. This includes South Asians, Chinese, Blacks, Filipinos, Latin Americans, Arabs, and other groups. Chinese people make up nearly 34% of the total population.