U.K. voters must reject anti-Semitism

By now, the worldwide community knows that the party has become home to hostile virulent anti-Semitism and a horrid anti-Israel bias.

Tomorrow marks one of the most crucial days for the well being of the United Kingdom, it is the ever-important election day. However, this election is different from all the others.

It is because of one of the major parties vying for a chance to form a government is the Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn. By now, the worldwide community knows that the party has become home to hostile virulent anti-Semitism and a horrid anti-Israel bias.

Historically, anti-Semitism has always had some sort of existence in Britain. From Middle Age era-religious persecution and inquisitions to 20th-century far-right anti-Semitism, the racist discrimination against Jewish people is not a new idea within the country. Consequently, the most common form of anti-Semitism within Britain is anti-Zionism.

For many years, it has been known that there was some sort of anti-Semitism within the party, along with major critics of Israel. Concerning statements and comments from Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah and George Galloway were key incidents into what became the anti-Semitic ecosystem of the party.

There was a report in 2016 that was headed by Baroness Shami Chakrabarti that brought the notion that Labour has had an anti-Semitism issue, though not exactly hostile, an initiative organized by Corbyn. A year later, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism was adopted by the party.

However, it was this year (2019) that the worldwide Jewish community discovered how much of a concern the Labour Party has been and would be if the party was elected under the Corbyn ticket tomorrow.

A major blow to the party came this past when seven Labour MPs resigned from the party and seven of which established The Independent Group. While the group has had more MPs come and some of the founders go, it still had had an eye-opening impact on politics in the U.K.

An important MP who exited the Labour Party was Jewish MP, Luciana Berger.

A profound Zionist and active member of the Jewish community, Berger was the target of malicious throughout her time as a sitting MP, from the time she was nominated for election, right until she left the party for good.

More than six Britons were convicted due to threats and harassment Berger had faced, many of whom were members of far-right neo-Nazi groups. One of the threats was explicitly a death threat. Even now, in December of 2019, Berger told the Evening Standard that she is “still copied into complaints that are being followed up,” and continues to receive anti-Semitic harassment to this day.

Berger has since moved on from The Independent Group to the Liberal Democrats but remains as a beacon of hope and courage for Jews and women to get involved with the world of politics. Renowned UCLA professor Judea Pearl recently tweeted that Berger “is (his) UK heroine, for standing up to Corbynism.”

This past May marked the commencement of a formal investigation by the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.

The EHRC stated that the investigation aims to “determine whether the Labour Party has unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimized people because they are Jewish.”

This investigation is important because an exterior organization, outside of the government is taking concrete action to investigate anti-Semitism within the Labour Party and ensure it is shared to the public upon the conclusion of the investigation.

In a leaked Jewish Labour Movement submission to the EHRC, it mentions the culture in which the Labour Party brings to the Jewish community and the many issues it has, internally. It even said that “the Labour Party is no longer a safe space for Jewish people or for those who stand up against anti-Semitism.”

The Chief Rabbi of the UK even wrote an op-ed explaining his concerns with Labour’s anti-Semitism. It should not be taken lightly that the highest figure in Britain’s Jewish community has written his worries of the Labour Party to the British people.

Within the Labour Party, there have been many concerning anti-Semitic incidents, from Corbyn and his MPs such as one MP mocking the song “Hey Jude” to “Hey Jews,” pamphlets distributed that compare Israel to Nazi Germany, just to name a few concerning occurrences.

There is continuous impeccable anti-Zionism within the party that meets the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

With regards to Corbyn’s behaviour, he has called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends.” There is even a prominent Facebook page that supports Corbyn and is run by Hamas. In 2014, Corbyn participated in a wreath-laying ceremony that honoured terrorists who had concerning connections to the Munich Massacre.

Campaign Against Antisemitism recently released a report stating that there are 24 documented anti-Semitic incidents that Corbyn is responsible for.

The world knows the destruction and terror that Hamas and Hezbollah cause on Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. The influence of terrorist organizations should never be given a free pass to enter the political sphere.

In many elections in liberal democracies, many major vying parties or party leaders sometimes have staggering controversies that surround them during an election season. The staggering issue with Corbyn and his Labour Party is undoubtedly anti-Semitism.

There is an idea known as “Philo-Semitism’,” individuals with a great deal of affection and gratitude for the Jewish people. It is Philo-Semites who should be leading Britain and not anti-Semitism.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, an organization full of hatred and bigotry has no place in politics.

For all British voters at the polls tomorrow, vote for who you believe will stand for all racialized communities in the country, such as the Jewish community, and the greater good.

Tomorrow’s election is crucial in ensuring that the next government will govern for all people, that the ideals of unity, cooperation and dignity are held to the highest standard. To ensure there is peace within all cultures.

The evidence is overwhelming. Corbyn and the Labour Party will not provide this to the British people.

The United Kingdom deserves a government who is led by a responsible Prime Minister and a governing party that does not engage in anti-Semitism and promote positive Jewish ideals such as Tikkun Olam, healing the world.

The choice is clear, Brits can vote for a party rooted with anti-Semitism, from its membership to its leadership or for parties such as the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats who value human rights and equality, and combat anti-Semitism in all of its forms, wherever it may take place.